This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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By John Yeo

I drifted freely in a magical sky

With my wings outstretched I began to fly,

From cloud to cloud through the intense blue

I drifted and danced my way to you.

I passed a magical fish flying by

Swimming in the Cerulean sky.


A voice broke into my high journey

From across the shores of the skyful sea.

Half aware and still flying free

I wondered who could be calling to me.

I was rudely brought back to reality.

When I awoke from my magical reverie.


Get out of bed! It’s getting late!

Breakfast is ready and it will not wait.

I crawled out to face another cold day

On my bike in the rain, and on my way, 

Soaked to the skin, in the heartless city,

From a magical dream I faced harsh reality.


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


MONDAY 6th JULY 2020

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below.


by John Yeo.

George was a dreamy sort of a lad, he had just enjoyed a huge lunch and he’d closed his eyes and drifted off.

   He found himself in a large castle, with a drawbridge over a moat. Thick walls surrounded him everywhere and from the battlements the view was stunning. He found himself exploring immediately and was soon in the great hall where there were shields hanging on the walls and a large round table. George wandered from room to room in idle curiosity just soaking up the medieval atmosphere.

He soon  arrived in a room with a large open topped tub in the centre of the floor. He was puzzled because there was a distinct smell of burning coming from behind some large screens.

He peeped through  a gap to see the strangest sight he’d ever seen.

There was a small insignificant dragon relaxing in the bathtub with his nostrils breathing fire.

George awoke with a start as his Mother came into the lounge complaining about his rugby kit, with a large Welsh flag lying in the bathtub where George had dumped them when he returned from school.

© Written by John Yeo.


A prompt response for Inspiration Monday ~



A prism-ball-



Glass Starship

by John Yeo

  The world was on full alert. The media had broadcast warning after warning of an unidentifiable asteroid-like object rapidly approaching the Earth.
Panic had set in among the leaders of the various countries and superpowers. In spite of many warnings and prophetic utterances of approaching doom. The strange object just got closer and closer and seemed to be on a collision course. The richest nations proposed to strike the object with strategically aimed missiles and blow it to smithereens.
The plan was to save as many lives as possible by limiting the collision damage to small pieces.
   The most powerful telescope lens on Earth was trained on the unidentified object. To the scientist’s great surprise it was a transparent rock with gaseous clouds visible inside. Clouds that seemed to have shifting forms, with some moving independently and some conjoined.
  This new information arrived too late for any deviation from the damage limitation decision.
The leaders had already decided and a barrage of missiles was already on the way.
Incredibly the massed nuclear rockets were deflected and bounced off the surface of the asteroid. Then cracks appeared in the glasslike surface and suddenly the whole asteroid was black and invisible to the human eye.

     “That’s not an asteroid! That’s a spaceship under alien control. We must try to contact the occupants.!” Yelled Professor Stevens to the team in NASA control. “Somebody should inform President Donal, our armaments are useless!”

  At that moment an elderly couple were having an early breakfast, in a cottage in a remote cliff top location.

    ” How did you sleep last night Meg? asked Jack with a note of concern in his voice.
“I heard you moving around in the bedroom and mumbling away to yourself in the middle of the night.”

    “I had a strange dream Jack, I woke up with cramp and I had to walk around to shake it off.”

   “You had a strange dream darling! Tell me more please.”

     “Well Jack, I don’t know how to tell you this. I was communicating with some strange beings in a glass spaceship. They informed me you would have a heart attack and you would have a stent inserted soon. I am sure this is a warning!”

   Jack laughed at this. “Me, I’m far too fit for that, nothing ever goes wrong with me.”

   Meg switched the television on and they just caught the news of the unsuccessful attempt to blow the asteroid out of the sky.
A scientist was expounding on the prospect of an invasion by intelligent life.
The TV phone lines were going crazy with people telephoning with stories of strange prophetic dreams concerning beings in the glass spaceship.
Many had come true already.
Meg looked at Jack and they both jumped into their car and quickly made a trip to visit their doctor.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.





Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 9th JANUARY 2016 ~ WORST/BEST CASE SCENARIO

Worst Case Scenario

The Daily Prompt on WordPress

Worst Case Scenario. Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today?  Now, what about the best?


by John Yeo

 The worst possible scenario today, would be the sad loss of someone very close to me. A phone call to say that a member of our widespread family had been taken ill and suddenly died, would be a heartbreaking blow that would be extremely difficult to endure. I don’t know how I could handle a scenario of this tragic nature. After the initial shock of this unthinkable scenario has left my imagination, the second part of this prompt should be very easy,  much easier to respond to. “Now, what about the best?”

The best possible scenario I can dream up for today, a  Saturday, would be for certain magical numbers to be announced, that would change all of our widespread families lives forever.

 A substantial amount of winnings from these magical lottery numbers would settle several mortgages for several members of the family, and buy homes for several others. In other words we would be able to change the future lives of our family dramatically. We would have money left to favour our personal charities and enough left to enable us to be comfortable for the rest of our lives.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

Hosted by Priceless Joy.

The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.


by John Yeo

Joe was a steam train buff, he loved the metal monsters that chugged across the great prairies through the stunning scenery in the days of the steam train revolution. Joe’s dream was to go to the famous Chattanooga hotel and visit the original site of the great train-ride that was the inspiration for the big band hit “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”, made famous by Glenn Miller and his big band.
Joe Sproggins was a man who had spent his life in a merchant bankers office in the city of London in the UK, where Joe dreamed his alter-ego dreams of riding on the footplate of this grand old steam engine.
Joe was married to Dora and their very precious first memory was the night they met, dancing in the local dance-hall to the sound of a big band, belting out “Chattanooga Choo-Choo”.
Fifty years later, after a very happy marriage, they excitedly arrived in Chattanooga in Tennessee to fulfil Joe’s lifetime dream.
Joe was in seventh heaven, soaking up his musical dream.

(175 WORDS)

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


I am taking part in Mondays Finish the Story 20/04/2015, which is a challenge that provides a photo prompt and the opening sentence to your story. The rules indicate that the story you come up with must be between 100-150 words.

The link below takes you to Part Nineteen

“They followed the buffaloes and their babies into the woods”

“Who did darling?” Hillary asked her daughter.

“The horrible men with guns, there was a lot of shooting, then I woke up.” Hillary smiled,

“Sounds like a very bad dream. Be on your best behaviour today as my boss, Marg is visiting.”

“OK Mummy, the buffaloes were just like the statue in her garden.”

Later, Marg and Hillary were speeding to London by train to attend a meeting with the Brigadier.

Marg revealed a small leather pouch that had been secreted in the mouth of the buffalo statue in her garden. The pouch contained a tiny electronic flash drive full of sensitive information. Diamond Jack had secreted it there before his untimely death.

The Brigadier was stunned to get his hands on such valuable commercial information. Marg was well rewarded. After shopping in town and a visit to the hairdressers, Marg decided to book a holiday.

Sad news of Bella……..

(150 Words)

To be continued

The link below takes you to Part Nineteen


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


This is the latest Picture, from the picture it and write series from Ermilia’s Blog~

Ermilia Black and White lips

Picture is provided and credited by Ermila


By John Yeo

My Father would laugh about a very strange dream that my Mother had twenty years ago, before I was born.

My Mother insisted one day that she had been abducted by humanoid aliens. They had taken her to a gigantic flying saucer-like machine where she had been made love to by an alien and impregnated with their seed and life force. The aliens had travelled across the universe from their dying planet to implant their seed to save their race. Conditions here on Earth were alien to them and they were unlikely to survive, this was the only way. They were able to distort our timewaves and my Mother awoke in her bed at home the next morning, as if from a dream.

My Father laughed at this dream and made fun of her vivid imagination, he always said Mother was a dreamer and this is a very precious gift to have.

One year later I arrived and Mother and Father were very proud of their new daughter. I had a very happy childhood, I never lacked for anything and I was rarely ill. My parents always asked me about my dreams, Daddy laughingly wondered if I took after my Mother as a dreamer.

 At the age of twenty my features suddenly altered and this unusual growth appeared on my face. I lost the ability to speak, but I found I could read minds and I knew what people were going to say before they opened their mouths. I would actually communicate by thought transference, I found all I had to do was think to make my wishes known.

I was examined by many Doctors, Psychiatrists and Scientists, I succumbed to every known scientific test but there was no logical explanation for the black and white growth.

Then my Father suddenly remembered Mother’s very strange dream and a frission of excitement buzzed around the scientific world. I have many extra unusual abilities and there are two protrusions growing on my back as time passes. I know these are wings and I will be able to fly.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved

 Picture and Write badge

Ermilia~Picture it and Write~6th April 2014

This is the latest picture prompt from Ermilia’s Blog ~~~Emilia Picture it and Write

By John Yeo

The dream was incredibly vivid~I sat dozing in Grannies old armchair after a heavy afternoon, working out in the gym. A heady sweet smelling female perfume drifted into my nostrils sending my mind into a hypnotic trance.

I seemed to wake  with a jolt as an incredibly attractive leg slid down the back of the armchair. In my silent reverie, I gently caressed and stroked the smooth hairless skin. Then taking a slender foot in my hand and without looking up I began to run my fingers through each of the perfectly formed toes. The toenails were beautifully manicured and painted with a pretty shade of nail polish.

A hand was gently stroking my face, with soft pretty fingers that had been smoothing and running a path through my hair. I rested my head against the softness of a smooth-skinned knee as my silent half asleep  dreamy reverie continued.~~

Copyright © Written by John Yeo

All rights reserved

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The Lost Dream

Picture it and write


Last night I dreamed an important, wonderful event would be happening. Very soon. I saw the music, heard the colours, smelt the odours of imminent universal change. I entered another dimension located in the near future. My dream took me to a new frontier of universal happiness and a melding of all things corporeal, into a plane of pure being that is unattainable to the present pattern of being.
The virus that is infecting humanity holds the human race in a vice-like grasp. My dream gave the answers and the keys to unlocking the secrets of how to remove and destroy this block to our future growth.
When I awoke and came to, in this present dimension, I felt the peace and contentment flooding through my dream had been rudely ripped from my memory by the virus that infects us all.
I feel the heights and the withdrawal from this experience mirrored in my face as I struggle to revive the memory of my incredible dream.

By John Yeo  © All rights reserved

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