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Ermilia's moon

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia~~by eecksy


by John Yeo

 Our planet is dying from lack of food, energy, and overexposure to the intense heat generated by the thoughtless burning of fossil fuels for centuries. Desperately our scientists have been sending random signals to the limits of our universe and beyond.

 Then without warning a huge moon appeared in the sky and began to get closer and closer to the Earth. Scientists were scared of a collision and plans were made for the united world’s military to shoot this moon out of the sky. Then a surprising unstoppable message was relayed to all of our world media.

 Do not be afraid! Your weapons are frozen and will not operate, we are your brothers from many universes away, we are here to help. This moon is a craft that will take everyone to safety before the planet Earth self destructs.  Your years of neglect and abuse have had an unstoppable effect and you are invited to leave this dying planet. We have been monitoring your development for centuries and we are here to rescue and relocate you to another fresh fertile world. We will help you and freely share our eternal knowledge for your future health and happiness.

The governments were sceptical. The scientists were delighted. The religious were united in their belief that this was God’s work. Many were suspicious and refused to believe the message.

The people who had faith in the message from this moon, packed a few belongings and travelled up hill and down dale to board the vessel that would eventually rise in the sky and take everyone to a haven. A new world, a new life,  with a new beginning beyond our universe.

Ermilia's moon

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