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As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

   The tropical rainforest steamed as the heat and rain mingled to create the perfect growing conditions. The Professor and the team were on an exploratory expedition, to discover an almost mythical species of flora, that was rumoured to have extraordinary effects on the human body.

    The Chief native guide who had an unpronounceable name, was commonly called Chalky by one and all, due to his habit of wearing white zig-zags all over his body. On this day he approached the Professor. to parley.

       “We are getting close Boss! The plants are growing everywhere in the next wide clearing. Many spirits of our tribe guard this secret area. We will have to take care we do not tread on sacred ground.”

       “Of course! We will extend every due respect to you and your ancestors Chief. Mrs Mills, who funded this trip is keen to sample the amazing effects of these wondrous flowers immediately. I am here to take some seed and samples to reproduce the effects at home in our country.”

  The team crossed a broad river, over a rickety bridge, and were immediately confronted by a sea of yellow flowering plants that stretched as far as the eye could see.

    “Almost like a distant relation to our own dandelions. I believe dandelions are a useful diuretic if they are taken in vast quantities of dandelion tea.” said the Professor interestedly.

 The team quickly set up a camp on the edge of the clearing and began harvesting some of the roots, leaves and the yellow flowers.

  Chalky, the Chief, began to instruct the Professor’s assistant in the preparation of the plants, to produce the desired effects.

     Seventeen stone, Mrs Mills stepped forward, “I hope this works on me, I really need to lose weight instantly.”

The professor nodded, and reassured her that the effects had been working for centuries on these tribal people.

  The tribal shaman instructed Mrs Mills to lie prone on a stone altar and the prepared fluid was administered. Instantly water started gushing from every pore and orifice in her body. The shaman stepped forward and administered an antidote to stem the flow. Almost half of Mrs Mills body fluids had gushed away in seconds, before the antidote was administered.

   A very surprised Professor then exclaimed,  “Call the medics forward to examine Mrs Mills at once!”

A stunned Mrs Mills had lost a great deal of her body-weight almost instantly.

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