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Stag story


By John Yeo

Our estate is under threat. Margaret and I  have taxes to pay to the government with an enormous amount of work to be done on the upkeep of our estate, we have to think of something to generate income from all sources of revenue. The situation is dire, the roof is leaking, the heirlooms have been auctioned and we still owe money.

The folk-lore of the estate tells tales of our ancestors who tamed and rode giant stags with enormous antlers that powered through the heather. One day the estate manager and I were returning home from a night out in the local hostelry after researching the problem over various wines and other liquid nourishment. An awesome, fearsome figure loomed on the horizon, picked out in the setting of the evening sun. A giant stag with the most incredible set of antlers we had ever seen. I photographed the stag, then requisitioned a local artist to paint a set of oil paintings.

Then was born the legend of the immortal, incredible God of the stags, miracles were reported and legends spun. People flocked from far and wide to try to catch a glimpse of the Deity, who could surely make wishes come true and heal the sick. Pilgrims arrived from lands afar bringing gold and silver as offerings to the Deity. We used these generous offerings to reconstruct the estate and to build a temple to receive more visitors as our personal miracle continued.

Then one sad day, reality arrived to shatter the illusions in the shape of our artist bearing and sharing the original photograph.

We still have our visitors and believers!

Copyright (c) by John Yeo~~All rights reserved

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