Picture it and Write ~ THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog


As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia To ~ Gustav Johansson



by John Yeo 

I will wait for you always. This river runs through the very heart of the city to the sea. The evening sun lights up and reflects beautifully on every ripple on the water. I come here to think and dream of the day you will return.

I grew up in this city where many dreams come true and many more dreams are shattered on the rocks of ill-fortune. My family came here as refugees from a horrendous war, when they made this city their home. They worked very hard to set up a business to raise their children in safety. We did have a happy childhood, in spite of the roughness of the concrete jungle that our neighbourhood became, we adjusted and fitted in.

Then I left school and you and I met each other in college, you were a visiting student from a land far, far away. We fell deeply in love and you promised to marry me one day. We lived, loved and laughed our way through college where we both passed our exams with honours. When your visa ran out you were forced to return to your home.

I will always wait, hoping and praying for your safe return to me. We will marry and be free of all the ties and chains of our parents differing religious views.

One day you will return, then like two free flying doves our spirits will soar and rise above the prejudice and hatred that mars this world.

Come back soon! My love.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved