Picture it and Write ~ Water Wars

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Emilia flood 2

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

The land upriver was cultivated by the Blancas, a harsh people with powerful weapons and a large aggressive army, they farmed and lived off their land.

The river was an important life-giving asset to our people, sustaining our crops and quenching our peoples thirst.

Peace reigned in the area until one fateful day when the river began to dry up. The water began to slowly flow and trickle down until eventually the trickle stopped completely and the river became dry. Our people were devastated, the crops drying and dying off, and the elderly and our children were dying of thirst.

Trackers were sent upriver to investigate but never returned, until one fateful day a tracker got back to report the river was dammed upstream by the vicious warlike Blancas. Our leaders were in instant communication with the leaders of the Blancas with little real response. After consultation with our Army chiefs, Captains, Luke, Nathaniel and I, were sent with our chosen men to infiltrate the Blanca’s land and attempt to destroy this monstrous dam.

We left with a mule-train packed with explosives and started out on our journey. Nathaniel went ahead with thirty men to clear the way of patrols by the enemy. We came under heavy fire halfway and I took my patrol to deal with the aggressors. We rejoined the mule-train having sadly lost several men in the dogfight that followed. Finally after more fighting with the loss of some very brave men, we reached the monstrous dam.

Luke took his team of explosive experts and set a very large number of charges using more explosives than required in an attempt to destroy the banks of the river to stop the dam getting rebuilt. The explosion was devastating, the destruction was awesome, levelling the dam and the banks of the river completely. Sadly Luke and his team were killed in the blast.

The raging torrent of white water raced down the dry riverbed, taking everything along in the swirling torrential flood.

Our  people celebrated as their water supply was restored. A bitter war was fought and negotiations are still in progress. We live to fight on as the Water Wars have begun.

Emilia flood 2

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


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