A prompt response for Inspiration Monday: Blind Pilot

Images © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

Thomas settled himself and began to give a running commentary of the flight to the instructor.

    “We are heading due East over the rainforests, everywhere you look is a sea of trees, reaching out in every direction!”  Intoned the Thomas the pilot, over the internal intercom. “The slight movement that is observed is the canopy of the rainforest waving with the motion of the winds. White flowers adorn the tops of some of the trees, giving the illusion of foamy patches moving in synchronous harmony. Occasionally birds will appear and disappear again into the safety provided by the thick green moving tree cover.”

    The observer, Brian Bell, looked down with a totally different perception; puzzled, he enquired, “What is that square object in the distant horizon?”

   Thomas answered, “It is hard to tell from here, I have an idea that is a man made structure, probably an ancient abandoned Indian temple, the distinguishing feature from here is the way it merges into the surrounding forest.”

   Brian then suddenly said, “From the look of that sky, you will have to  watch out; a storm is gathering, and could be approaching fast. You will have to ride the air currents and fly up above the storm clouds, to escape. Do you agree? “

 “OK! Yes you are right, I haven’t liked the look of that sky, since the exercise began.” Thomas replied.

  “Thanks Thomas, you can climb out of the Flight Simulator and we can discuss your performance.”


“Thomas, your handling of an aircraft is excellent, your reflexes are sharp and fast. However there are several areas that need some explanation, and clarification.

Firstly, we were flying over a blue sea that was moving with the motion of the waves. The white patches, you described as flowers, were actually flecks of foam on the top of the moving waves. The birds you described were a couple of dolphins and some flying fish. The structure in the distance was a bright red container ship, quite a long way off, but clearly visible. Finally we have been flying in a clear blue sky with wispy clouds.”

Thomas was stunned at this and couldn’t believe his ears!

 “In my opinion,” Brian went on: “You need to get your eyes tested for colour blindness, it is a common condition, not insurmountable. Colour blind pilots can get certification, with restrictions. No night flying for example.”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.