Five sentences on~~ “FALLING”

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by John Yeo

The tension builds among the sky-divers as the aeroplane cuts through a cloud filled, steel blue sky.
Mentally checking through the procedure, with the final thought, has the chute been packed correctly?
Suddenly, with a whoosh of air the fuselage door is unlocked and open, revealing a panoramic view of the countryside below.
Go, go, go, then the leap into space and the air, with the exhilaration flooding through the mind as the fall begins.
The cord is pulled, the chute opens, and the slow steady falling to earth begins, falling  through the clouds to the earth below.



Written by John Yeo © all rights reserved

Picture and Write~A Drop in the Ocean

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 The sky was blue as we boarded our flight, to the other side of existence. The vehicle was very odd, shaped like a fish with wings for scales and fins on the tail. An aerodynamic curiosity indeed, I thought I was in a  dream that would never end. 

  I was introduced to the assessors of a life that had been lived to the full in a very privileged society.  We drifted over the life-filled ocean on another plane of thought lines. I was allowed to say my piece before the ultimate decision, was determined

My life flashed before me as I fell head-first  back to the  sea from whence all life originated. Ejected from the  plane of one existence to another. All memory was erased in that one-act of remembrance.

Future  was informed of the decision.


Copyright words by John Yeo © All rights reserved

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