This is a piece of Flash Fiction for our church magazine, in response to the theme of Bells.



by John Yeo

   The afternoon had been warm and sunny as Peter and Rosie happily wandered through the green fields and lanes that ran around the outside of the village bordering their Father’s farm. Peter dragged his younger sister along by her hand. At eleven years old, Peter was two years older than Rosie and he was expected to look after her whenever they went out together. There was no mistaking they were siblings, both of the children had a shock of black hair and unusual piercing blue eyes.

    ‘Don’t pull me so hard, please Pete, you are almost pulling my arm off.’

   ‘Sorry Rosie, but it’ll be getting dark soon and Mum wants us to be home.’

Suddenly as they got close to the woods, the evening sunlight reflected off a sea of blue and green that stretched deep into the woods.

     ‘Look Pete, beautiful Bluebells. Oh, please let’s pick a bunch to take home to Mum.’

At that moment two Magpies began chasing each other in the low overhanging branches on the nearby trees.

    ‘Two for Joy,’ shouted Rosie happily.

   ‘OK Rosie, good idea! They won’t be angry if we take them some flowers.’ Peter replied, he knew his sister would be upset if he said, No!

They soon began to pick armfuls of Bluebells to take home. Suddenly, there was a rustle at the far end of the glade as a Brown speckled Doe, dashed for cover. This made them both jump, as the sudden noise took them by surprise.

  Peter nervously said, ‘C’mon Rosie, it’s time to go home now.’

   ‘OK, Pete’ replied Rosy.

The children soon reached the ramshackle collection of buildings that surrounded the cosy farmhouse. As they arrived, Trusty the farmhouse guard dog barked loudly, overjoyed to see them both. Their Mother appeared looking quite worried, her expression softened, immediately, when she saw the Bluebells.

   ‘Come in quickly, you two! Your Granddad is here and he has been waiting for you for ages.’

  ‘OK Mum,’ said Peter.

As soon as their Granddad saw the Bluebells he said,

‘Have you two heard the legend about Bluebells?’ he asked with a smile.

‘Well, some years there are White coloured Bluebells among the Blue ones like you have here. This means there is bound to be a White Christmas coming up and if you listen carefully sometimes these special Bluebells actually ring when they are tossed by the wind.’

‘Oh! Come on Grandpa. How can flowers make a noise?’

Granddad smiled as he said, ‘Ah! You have to listen carefully and believe, if you want to hear the music of the Snowbells.’

White Bluebell


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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A Prompt Response for Flasher Friday

This is my response to a prompt from Our Write Side to their Friday Flasher prompt. A short story in no more than 500 Words using four elements.

  • Place: on a farm
  • Character: a dog trainer
  • Object: a full spiral binder
  • Smell: freshly cut grass


by John Yeo

   Mrs. Green was delighted; she had been searching for a venue for months. Business was booming, dogs were coming in from all over the neighbourhood. It was at a Mother’s Union meeting where she was approached by a beaming lady, who she didn’t know very well.

    “Hello, I’m Mrs. Giles, I understand you are a dog trainer. We have a Border Collie, that has become rather aggressive at the farm, and I wonder if you are available to help as he is a rather important working dog.”

    “I’m sorry but I have been looking for a training venue. I have been training dogs on our lawn at home, but it has become too small. I am desperately looking for somewhere larger.”  Replied Mrs. Green.

    “Oh! That’s alright, we have plenty of room at the farm, I’m sure my husband will find you a corner somewhere. Come up and see him today, perhaps he will allow you to use a corner of one of the fields.” said Mrs. Giles.

  “Oh! Thanks so much that would be wonderful!” Mrs. Green said, “I would be so grateful.”

After the meeting, both women were soon on their way to Oak Tree Farm, where Farmer Giles, was delighted to come to an agreement with Mrs. Green.

Lady, the sheepdog was in the yard; before Mrs. Green could get close,  there was a low growl as she bared her teeth aggressively.

“Yes I can see you don’t like strangers, Lady, you will get used to me.”

The dog trainer then left promising to return the following Monday to begin working with Lady.

The following week Farmer Giles greeted the dog trainer warmly.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Green. Let me show you the field where you can work.”

“Please call me Lucy. I guess you have cut the grass today, that is a lovely smell, certainly an improvement on the usual farmyard smells. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. What have you done to your arm, I see a bandage on your wrist.”

The farmer grinned sheepishly and said. “Lady, our sheepdog bit me this morning, I wish you luck with your training.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Giles, where is she now?”

“Shut in that barn over there, I will let her out now.”  said the farmer. When he opened the door to the barn a growling dog bounded out with teeth bared and charged straight towards them.

Mrs. Green stepped forward and hit the dog, hard, straight on the nose, with a full spiral binder, she was carrying. There was a look of stunned surprise on the dog’s face and with a whimper, he rolled over on the floor in a submissive pose. Farmer Giles said, “Wow Ma’am! That was amazing, you certainly know what you’re doing!”

“It’s a dominance problem you have here, I think I can work with Lady,” said Mrs. Green. “Your  dog needs a lot of attention. I will help you readjust the balance.”

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Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

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