This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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Prompt ~ A smattering of smoke


by John Yeo

We will let the fires of life burn out and in the dying embers we will sit and dream.

We will remember the fire that burned through our minds and bodies when we fell in love.

Then the fire of ambition when we first started college, the knowledge that added fuel to ignite our dreams.

The fires of protest, when we held firm beliefs and we were prepared to die for our feelings.

The fires that burned fiercely in our minds as we aged and ignited the fires of freedom in the minds of our children.

Proudly we have shared the fire and watched our children ignite the flames in the next generation.

Dreamily as the fire of our lives glows dimly,  and the embers burn out, we ponder on our final destination, burial or cremation?  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust?

Suddenly, shouts of joy as our Grandchildren run towards the smattering of smoke from the dwindling bonfire. ‘Grandpa and Grandma; wake up and come inside before you get cold when the fire burns out!’

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