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August writing prompts

Yellow bandana


by John Yeo

  The leader of the Harley crew was Gizmo Green, a man who worshipped his gleaming mean machine. He always wore his trademark yellow bandana over his mouth.This branch of the Hells Angels were devoted to doing as much good in the world as they possibly could. Their fearsome appearance in their leather motorcycle outfits was enough to put people off. Leave alone their long hair and unkempt beards which were enough to instantly breed suspicion in the minds of the police. 

 On the day of a horrendous accident on a major motorway the Hells Angels chapter were on their way to the coast to generally have a good time and raise hell. A train had been derailed from a line alongside the motorway. One carriage had landed upside down on the motorway blocking all three lanes. Scores of people were injured. The Hells Angels were able to get through the blocked lanes on their motorcycles and offer their help. The police and the emergency services were taken aback and the Angels were soon recruited to carry messages and ferry people away from the motorway. When things settled down the Hells Angels chapter roared off on their way to the coast.

  Some time later when the story got around everyone seemed to be searching for the wild man on a motorcycle wearing a yellow bandana. 

 © Written by John Yeo


Welcome to What Pegman Saw, a 150-word weekly writing prompt inspired by the photos found on Google Maps.

This week Pegman takes us to Portmeirion Village in Wales.

Portmeirion Village, Wales | Google Maps


by John Yeo

Not many people are aware of a valley near Portmeirion that is a renowned centre for Cryopreservation. My Father was Sir Alexander Hastings, a wealthy Industrialist, I was the only family member who shared a secret. Father had been diagnosed with terminal Cancer one month ago. He had deteriorated rapidly but he had suddenly altered his plans for a revolutionary preservation of his body by Cryonics. Father is a devoutly religious man who wondered if freezing his body at the point of death, with the hope of awakening when a cure for Cancer had been found he would be interfering with God’s plans for him. Would he be the same person he once was or an empty shell of the memory of who he once had been? Would he be rudely reawakened from eternal life?
Father will finally be at rest in the graveyard of the Pink Church in Portmeirion.

© Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved

The Pink Church in Portmeirion


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers-

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a new weekly fiction writing challenge. The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


Image © Dawn M Miller


by John Yeo

“Winner takes all”, said Wide Willy, leader of the local gang. Daring Dick leader of a rival gang smiled with disbelief.
“You will concede everything if we win, including Diana the darling of the town”
Willy nodded, “If Diana agrees I will concede all my love for her as well as our business assets, but if you lose we take control of your patch entirely.”
The tennis court behind the flats was rarely used, until Doreen and Len decided 6 year old James would be brought up, living and breathing tennis. Now 18, James’s talent was about to be revealed to the world. They were approached by Dick, who had been informed of James’s unbeatable prowess. Willy was confident as his player was county champion.
The match was fiercely contested, after 4 sets the players were even at 6 games all. Suddenly a helicopter landed and surrounded by police, all members of the two gangs were arrested on drugs charges.
18 year old tennis prodigy James ran away with Diana. All bets were off!

(174 words)

Copyright © written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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Creative Expressions ~ Write on opposite concepts~


by John Yeo

The gardener leaned on his spade
Looked at the scientist with disdain,
“As I stand on this life-filled Earth,
One pinch of garden soil
About a gram in weight
Contains millions of bacteria.
Several thousand species not
Known to science.”


The physicist adjusted his lens,
“As I look up at the life-filled sky
With the multiverse of pinpoints of light,
Each tiny dot in the sky could contain
Many varieties of life in many forms,
Then the unexplained dark matter
That is invisible never seen,
Is a puzzle to us all”


The gardener grinned at the scientist,
“I have dark matter here that nourishes the soil
and helps the crops to grow.
If your dark matter does the same job
Who is responsible for producing it?
My dark matter is converted waste
Until it is recycled on the land”


The scientist grinned and replied
“There is a God!”

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved

“A Rude Awakening”~~~by John Yeo

LETHARGIC~ BLUNT~ DRUNK Three Word Wednesday Write something based on and including these three words


A Rude Awakening

by John Yeo

The day was murky.  and grey, I felt out of the rhythm and flow of life. There was no question about it, I was feeling lazy and very lethargic. I stumbled on a loose paving stone, Tripped and fell As unsteady in body as I was in mind. A kindly passer-by helped me up to gain my balance. “Don’t worry dear we all get drunk now and again!” Shocked, I snapped. “Thank-you for your unthoughtful words! I don’t drink!” Then I was sorry for being so blunt, Without thought or gratitude for her help. I apologised and she smiled. Somehow I was not feeling lethargic any more. Very sharp and thoughtful.

© Written by John Yeo All rights reserved