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by  John Yeo

  The tide of life had flowed for quite a number of years before this particular birthday arrived. The circumstances were definitely weighted against it being an overwhelming experience. We were still securely locked-down, sheltering from the dangers of catching the dreaded Covid virus. Most restaurants were closed to diners eating-in and holidays were certainly out of the question due to worldwide restrictions on entry to most ports of call around the world. In the past we have been able to book a short term break in our favourite little bolt hole here in the U.K., not far from home, where we were able to celebrate with  catering provided and some entertainment.

 Firstly, I had to solve the problem of purchasing a greeting card without exposing myself to the possibility of contracting this abominable virus. I decided to buy an online card and I proceeded to put together a great card using a couple of photographs together with one of my poems. Whilst I was on this useful site, I discovered that the firm also delivers flowers and I added a bunch of thirty stems of beautiful roses. I then postponed this delivery until three days before the upcoming birthday.

  The card and the flowers arrived on the prearranged day and the flowers were spectacularly beautiful. These were placed into a couple of vases straight away and the card was checked and prematurely displayed.

 I had dreamed up several ideas for the actual birthday celebration. I put together an online greeting card and displayed it on both of our timelines on social media in the early hours., I woke early and served tea and toasted homemade bread to the birthday celebrant while I was tunelessly singing, ‘Happy Birthday to You,’ Several early birthday cards had arrived and these were quickly opened to the accompaniment of surprise and murmurs of appreciation.

 I planned to order a delivery of an Indian/Asian meal and we had a lot of fun choosing our selection of dishes from the online menu of our local restaurant and we plan to indulge in a slap up meal this evening.

 The final strand to this unusual birthday present will be a shopping voucher or cash to be spent in the near future when the pandemic restrictions are removed.

© Written by John Yeo




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by John Yeo

  Bob and Lil had settled in extremely well into the luxury care home. After a few months, Bob became quite bored with the routine and one day Lil decided they should take a walk into the local park to cheer each other up. They came across a pretty woodland path and at Bob’s insistence they explored the edges of a large wood.

  Suddenly they became aware of crashing and crunching of twigs, and bushes as if someone or something was quickly bearing down on them from behind. They froze at this noisy approach which was getting closer. Someone or something was quite near, running through the undergrowth. They looked at each other, held hands and stole along an adjoining path in the opposite direction. They didn’t wait to find out who or what made that noise, birds high above flew away making cries of alarm disturbed by this unwelcome intrusion. 

 They walked deeper and deeper into the blackness of this huge pine forest, until they collapsed on a grassy bank of a stream, panting to get their breath back. The noisy pursuing sounds had faded away. They had no idea where they were, the stream was running quite fast, there were reeds, rushes and pretty yellow flowers on both sides on the banks. They decided to follow this stream in the hope of finding a way out of the forest.

  They came to a clearing in the dense woods covered with many wild flowers and  lush green grass, by the side of the stream. They sat down to rest and feeling hungry they nibbled on some chocolate that Lil had discovered in the bottom of her handbag with some wild berries. Bob laughed and remarked that they were enjoying  the fruits of the forest.

 Lil asked Bob if he knew anything about a group of pretty wild flowers nearby. He gasped in surprise when he immediately recognised them as a group of beautiful orchids. He’d been a keen botanist in his younger days.

  ‘I’m certain these are rare, valuable, Fairy Slipper orchids.’

  They continued on their way, leaving a makeshift trail of twisted reeds hanging from the branches of the trees and bushes along the path next to the stream. Suddenly, again there was an approaching crashing and breaking of twigs coming towards them from behind. They realised to their horror that they must have been followed  and their pursuer was not far away.  

To their relief, the bushes parted to reveal a familiar face.

‘There you are! I’ve been trying to catch up with you for ages. You must let someone know if you decide to go out for a walk.’

Bob looked at Lil and they both chorused. ‘Sorry it was my fault.’

© Written by John Yeo all rights reserved.

First 50 Words~”Ah, my darling”~

It was raining outside, the sky was gray and her mood matched the weather. The washing machine was working overtime and the cleaning was in process. I entered the house on tip-toe as I felt the tension of a mundane rainy day penetrating our home.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a man stood there with the biggest bunch of flowers you could ever imagine and a pre-wrapped box of chocolates. Her face lit up, she looked at me and cried. Ah, my darling.