Klepto~ Auto~ Maniac

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog link-up based on a photo prompt. The Challenge – write a one hundred word story inspired by the picture that has a beginning, middle, and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.) The Key – make every word count. Up to the challenge? Join in!


Dump truck

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jean L. Hays


by John Yeo

The difficulty of auto-mania is keeping a firm grip on the wheel. George was a confirmed kleptomaniac with a penchant for vehicles. The latest addition to his collection was stolen from a scrap yard. George planned to renovate and bring this interesting vehicle to life.

The police arrived and arrested George for parking this very unique stolen property outside his front door.

In court the learned Judge looked at George and asked.  “Why?”

George shrugged his shoulders, then mumbled. “I dunno!”

The Judge asked for a psychiatric assessment and later ordered George to be released into the care of the local hospital car mechanic.

Written by John Yeo ©

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS ~ 100 words on the pictured prompt ~ EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY


PHOTO-PROMPT Copyright Douglas M Mcilroy



 Every article, alive or dead, is physical matter made up of universal molecules, part of the whole. Each section has a unique story to relate. Every seashell was once a part of a life-form and has lived through a story. Timeless pebbles illustrate seas where waves washed and polished them over and over again. Empty wine and water bottles, beg the question, who consumed the contents? A timeless clock sits above the scene, displaying jumbled numbers obscuring the time. The artist constructed this work of art using driftwood from wrecks, and material from the seashore. Thereby hangs another tale.

Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved