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by John Yeo

  James Sherwood was a retired self-made entrepreneur. A giant of man, 6′ 6″ in height with a broad pair of shoulders, he wasn’t a man who suffered fools gladly, he looked rather striking with his long dark hair and shrewd blue eyes. Happily married to the beautiful Eva for 19 extremely happy years, they were a well respected couple, who fitted in well with the inhabitants of the local village. Eva was resigned to the fact that James was an inveterate gambler, particularly now he’d retired, he was subject to periods of extreme boredom.

  Once a month James would fly to Scotland, in his private single engine plane to take part in a game of cards with his high-rolling cronies. 

  He knew this would be an unusual night, he just couldn’t go wrong. Hand after hand went his way and he’d cleaned out all of his friends except Donald who kept on playing long after the others had dropped out. Donald was a stubborn fellow who was also an entrepreneur and he hated to lose. 

  The tension was electric when it came to what was to be the final hand of the session. Donald was cleaned out halfway through the hand, but he refused to give in.

   James grinned and said.  ‘That’s it Donald; you’ve lost this one, l’m on a roll today.’

     ‘Wait, James, I’m not finished yet!’

   ‘What do you mean? You haven’t any money left!’

  Donald ran his hand through his thick blonde hair and replied,

‘OK buddy, I’m not done yet! I bet you all the money on the table against my C130 Hercules aeroplane parked on the airport runway.’

 There was a sudden silence in the room as the implications of this became clear. James nodded and heaped the cash in a pile in the centre of the table, Donald threw the keys to the Hercules on top. The atmosphere was tense as the last hand was played out.

There was a gasp as the last card was played and James took the hand.

  Donald went white and accepted the outcome, although he hated to lose, he gritted his teeth and said, ‘James, buddy, you’ll have to give me a lift home.’

  Much later James arrived home and shouted to Eva. 

  ‘Sorry I’m late! I’ve brought you a Hercules home.’

Without looking at James, she replied.

   ‘Yes! I saw you arrive but I don’t like the propellers.’

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



Poetry on a tragedy. I was asked by an old friend to resurrect one of my poems to reflect a sad addiction. After some minor adjustments I came up with this seven year old piece. Love ❤️ and Peace ☮️ to all


by John Yeo

The hook is firmly implanted, 

The wheels of fortune are spinning.

Another win, my eyes are blurred 

The jackpot is there to be won


My arms repetitively pulling the handle

 The bright lights flash, the die is cast 

Clinking, clanking, coins inserted,

 Another small win to add to the fun.


More change required, I cannot leave, 

This machine owes me a jackpot,

 I signal a man who brings change.

I decline food until I have won.


Wow! That was close, the tumblers stopped, 

Two cherries and a bell on display 

Three cherries and I win the jackpot.

I scoop another bunch of coins and go on.


Suddenly I play with my last few coins, 

The jackpot is still nearly won.

If only I had a few more coins

 I would be able to continue the fun.


I beg the man on the next machine 

To advance me a very small loan.

Sorry he says, I am far too busy.

The jackpot still has to be won


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


A prompt response to ~ http://thinkwritten.com/category/creative-writing-prompts/

No. 296 – Cravings: Write about craving something:


Image courtesy of pixabay.com


by John Yeo

  “Phillip! Stop gazing out of the window. What is it that is fascinating you so much? You have been sitting in that chair for ages, just gazing out of the window, staring at nothing. I see the trees and our garden lawn. There is nothing else to be seen; tell me what is it that is holding your attention? What do you see?”

 “Father, sorry I am deep in thought I see wealth beyond our means, I see riches enough to comfortably follow the sun from one end of this earth to the other. I see the luxury enjoyed by the super-rich. I feel our inadequacy when I see the wonderful lifestyles enjoyed by other more fortunate people, daily flashed into our home by the media. I want to be like those people, I crave the means to escape from the everyday drudgery of our humdrum lifestyle. I want wealth, travel, fine food and clothes with the chance to mix with people who know how to love life and live life to the full.”

 “Philip, my son, Mother and I have given you our all, everything we possess is yours, but you are talking nonsense. You are an intelligent young man and you will go far in your chosen profession, everyone thinks highly of you and you will be extremely comfortable one day. Please forget these impossible ideals of limitless wealth. Crave to be happy and comfortable with a lovely wife and family, this is a realistic set of ideals that you will certainly achieve. Banish these impossible cravings and live.”

  “Father, I love and respect you and I value your advice; but I see how hard you have to work to survive, I see the lines on your face that reveal a life that has lived through some tough times. I have this unbearable craving to be wealthy; I will do anything to escape and luxuriate in the life lived by the super-rich. I feel if I can find a way to accumulate enough money quickly, I will be able to satiate my cravings that hunger for wealth and the life my needs require.”

 “What do you mean by anything; Philip? I see a glittering pathway in front of you with a happy comfortable future, but these unrealistic desires are impossible to achieve. How do you propose to get rich quick to accumulate the money to fund the lifestyle demanded by these impossible cravings?”

 “Father, I have a plan, a brilliant plan that involves a mathematically infallible system I have worked out how to break the banks of all the major casinos in this country. I have spent the last two years working day and night on this system. It is an unbreakable chain of numbers that will certainly get what I want.

I just need your help to start the ball rolling with some cash, I know you will be able to get a second mortgage to help me by advancing me some funds. Of course, I will be able to pay you back as I will be extremely wealthy.”

Philip’s father’s, angry, shocked, face revealed his feelings.

“Gambling!” He exclaimed. “You propose to borrow money from your Mother and me to fund your risking everything by gambling?  Never son! This is something I will never condone, I am sure there is no such thing as a perfect system, and I refuse to have anything to do with any hair-brained scheme just because of your insatiable desire to be wealthy.”

Philip looked strangely nonplussed by this reaction,  “Father I am sorry you feel this way, I was sure you would help. I have already approached a firm of unsecured lenders to raise money to test the system, and it really works. I have paid them back their loan with a huge sum of interest. I thought you would welcome the chance for our family to be unimaginably wealthy. I would use the initial winnings to invest in the stock market and we would have more than enough to enjoy life to the full.

 Philip smiled as he left the house that day, never to return in his parents lifetimes. He became extraordinarily wealthy by using his system and diversifying the winnings, thus defeating his craving for limitless wealth.

Sadly another craving slowly took over his life, as he craved the excitement of the turn of the cards. The unbreakable system proved to be as fallible as his Father had predicted.

Ah! But that’s another story.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

Hosted by Priceless Joy.

The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by ©pricelessjoy.


by John Yeo

 The peace and serenity of the stables was absolutely perfect for the harassed and very famous celebrity singer Feline Foxglove. Of course her privacy was always very important to her and she spent a huge portion of her very high earnings to make sure she was never disturbed. Feline had many secrets to hide, most were well buried in the distant past, except for her habitual use of a very dangerous illegal substance. Her very trustworthy P.A. Mary Stavans was responsible for obtaining her supplies, and she never failed to come up with the goods. 

  Feline’s stables were famous throughout the racing world for thoroughbred racehorses and she would excitedly back them all to win, every time they ran. Sam Soames her bookmaker was used to paying her out and usually made money elsewhere by laying off the bets. 

Until Mary’s call……

“Boss, we have a problem, I need to see you urgently”

The blackmailer died by unknown hands as the starting pistol went off and the cry went up …..”They’re Off!”

Feline smiled winningly.

(175 words)

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All Rights Reserved

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