A prompt response for “INSPIRATION MONDAY:” ~ SOL FOOD

Inspiration Monday: ~ PROMPT ~SOL FOOD.


“Sunrise” ~ Image © Copyright ~ John and Margaret


by John Yeo

  The Profesaurus lumbered up to the shining gathering of starlets in this out of the way part of the Fifteenth quadrant of the immensity of the Dinoverse.

    “Attention all! There is a dire emergency underway here. Universal paradise is under threat of starvation. There must be an answer to the rapid depreciation of combustible matter. Many parts of our quadrant are becoming lifeless black rocks as the flames of life are extinguished. We need an answer and we need it fast!”
      “I have the finest, brightest Solarians working with the Gas giants, pushing the limits of our knowledge of energy producing gases to the limits. We have experimented with many elements that can feed the flames and extend the burning lifespan of this quadrant!” Reported the gas-guzzling four-by-four legged Pratisaurus.
     “We are already the biggest emitters of gaseous flatulance in the history of Solarian activity in the known Dinoverse. Our total intake of combustible material far exceeds the matter available. Our Raptosaurs have made enormous breakthroughs in the boring of the dark matter and may have discovered a way.” Ejaculated a famous prizewinning Dickosaurus.
  The Profesaurus made a scorching comment. “Flames are becoming extinguished everywhere! We need an answer instantly, I understand recycling of the flatulance gasses is being tried and tested. Why not make it a universal method of combustion?”
       “Well, this solar technology is in the early stages and has minor solar wind-rush rear-scorching problems at present.” Responded a listening Gas giant.

 The immense Solarian brilliance of the prize winning Dickosaurus then stood to attention and addressed the flames.
      “Stars! The preservation and continuance of Sol-power is the immediate imperative of every member of this gathering. We think we may have a permanent solution to the lack of combustible material. We have managed to drill through the dark matter that surrounds us all and to penetrate into another dimension. We have pushed through and created a Black Hole, that will attract everything within range and swallow it, then deposit it on the boundaries of our quadrant. Thus seeding and replacing our system with new life. New delicacies to feed the flames. Sol food delivered to our doorstep.”
  There was a stunned silence, then roars and grunts of scorching approval, as the Gas giants discovered flatulance would be relegated to become an alternative source of Sol food.
  The Profesaurus then brought the meeting to a close and the gathering was closed with much heated discussion.

     After this amazing harvesting of alternative dimensions had been in place for a number of aeons, the moral implications were beginning to swirl in the gaseous outer limits of the solar quadrant.
       “What right have we to consume blindly everything that comes our way through an outlet that starts from we know not where?” Enquired a leading flare in the anti-matter community.
     “We will live naturally and live on recycled flatulent gases now the technology has improved.”

Sadly Black Hole consumerism had arrived.

Copyright © written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



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