5 ~ sentences on the word ~ HORIZON

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by John Yeo ©


Picture credited by Ermlia ~ picture it and write


The road approached the distant horizon, lit up, charged with particles of dust that reflected in shocking grey and pink, clouds of ash from the fire.

Intense heat mingled with and highlighted the acrid smell of smoke and burning vegetation as the wildfire took hold and built up speed with the spread of the flames.

Suddenly we became aware of hundreds of animals furiously racing alongside the road desperately trying to outrun the scorching destruction, the smell of burning flesh was intolerable.

I put my foot hard down on the throttle, stamping hard to the floor of the vehicle, attempting to squeeze more speed from the engine as I tried to outrun the spread of the flames.

I realised this was a part of the new order of the raging destruction and  excessive heat generated by the global warming caused by the thoughtless greed of humanity.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved


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 As usual the picture is provided and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

 Hallo! My feet hurt. We have no ice here where I live, due to the effects of climate change and global warming. I am Phillip, I am one of an endangered species. Just one small part of the effect of the uncontrolled, thoughtless burning of fossil fuels that go a very long way towards creating greenhouse gasses. The ice I live on is melting fast and shrinking our habitat, I will introduce you to a friend of mine later who has just woken up from hibernation. We have been the kings of the ice fields for millions of years. we have lived through many changes and global catastrophes, until now. Now we are doomed. What can we do to survive? We have been hunted and killed for our meat. The ice was stained red with the blood of my brothers. We have been stripped of our fur to keep the killers warm and to allow them to survive on the icefields. We were the undisputed top of our evolutionary chain. We hunted and killed seals and fish for food, living peacefully with the balance of give and take, life and death. The native human Inuit people learned to live with us, we all survived in the wild icy North, together. Then men came with powerful guns and the slaughter for our fur began, our blood ran freely and stained the ice red. Now the cold blooded killers are robbing us of the ice that makes up our icefields, through burning fossil fuels and creating greenhouse gasses that magnify the sun, generating heat that melts the ice. We will adapt and survive somehow, my brothers and I will unite with the brown bears worldwide and we will fight back.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.