The island was just cliffs containing an enormous lighthouse. The lighthouse contained a keeper, but recently nobody had seen him. Provisions were delivered by a helicopter drop on a monthly basis. The pilot Tom landed, contacted base and reported a mechanical fault with the helicopter. Help was on the way.

 Tom knocked, there was no response, he tried the handle, the door was locked. He peered into the window and saw an unkempt, bearded, hunchbacked figure, sitting watching him, with an ugly scowl on his face pointing a gun. ‘Can you hear me?’ 

A loud bang was the reply.

© Written by John Yeo

A prompt response for “INSPIRATION MONDAY:” ~ SNEEZE GUARD

Inspiration Monday: Sneeze Guard

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by John Yeo

  Mayor Reynolds was troubled by traffic problems in the city. Wichitaw was a total gridlock from one end of Main Street to the other on a daily basis.

         “This is getting on my nerves, something has to give, I demand some action, call a meeting of the city council at once!” His face was thunderously angry as he shouted this order to his secretary. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and blew his nose.

   “Yes sir!” Sarah responded. “I will try to set the meeting for tomorrow, we can e-mail all the members of the council and set up a video conference. Do you want me to prepare an agenda or will you do that? I will need it very fast!” Wiping her nose with a tissue, she waited for his response.

       “You do that please Sarah! Make sure you include an item for me under AOB, regarding the pollution generated by this continual snarl up of traffic. I need to get a few new ideas on the statute book as soon as possible.” He searched his pocket for a clean handkerchief.

   “Yes Sir! I will get started immediately. Your first appointment with Professor Rinski, will be one hour behind schedule as he is running late due to a traffic holdup. He should be arriving very shortly shall I send him right in as soon as he arrives?” Sarah sneezed loudly and uncontrollably.

         “Yes please! Oh remind me what he wants. I have an obscure note about the implications and respiratory costs incurred by carbon monoxide poisoning. E-mail me all the information at once please, and send in some hard copies. Thanks Sarah!” The Mayor couldn’t help dabbing the end of his nose with a tissue, pulled from a box kept in his desk. Good job this isn’t visual, he thought.

   “Yes Sir!” Replied Sarah, clearing her throat politely

 Suddenly a loud ringing of his personal mobile phone intruded, Mayor Reynolds sighed, he was aware who was calling at this time. Sure enough her name came up and he was obliged to answer. Sniffing silently, he pressed the receive call button.

     “Hallo Mary my love! Is everything alright?” His voice sounded thick with the continual fluid generated by a sudden sneeze.

          “No Henry! Sorry to trouble you at work, both of the children are unable to go to school today as they have gone down with the “shoo” bug that’s going around!” Suddenly there was a loud clearing of her throat as Mary waited for a reply

   “Shoo bug? Is that the respiratory problem that is affecting many of our aged relations? Have you called the Doctor?” A worried Mayor tried to hold back a sniffle.

        “Of course Henry, but he is stuck in traffic and I wonder if you can call in a helicopter to get the children to hospital! Please darling!” Mary couldn’t contain an uncontrollable cough.

   “Oh no! I will try but all our city helicopters are in use at present. Wait there for the doctor and I will get back to you!” The mayor coughed in response.

  The internal telephone then loudly sounded as Sarah, quietly coughing into a tissue, announced the arrival of Professor Rinski.

      “Send him in please Sarah!” The Mayor responded with a silent sniffle as he could feel yet another sneeze welling up inside.

 A minute later the office door opened to reveal a figure dressed in what appeared to be a lightweight diving suit, covering his total body with a microphone attached to a round plastic headpiece. There was a distinct resemblance to a knight of times gone by, except he was wearing a suit of plastic instead of metal and there were a number of air filters attached to the front and rear of his head.

  “Good morning!” A metallic voice greeted the stunned mayor.

Copyright (c). Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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Written in response to a prompt provided by Inspiration Monday