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by John Yeo

  Peter was impressed when his sister Jane introduced him to her friend Julie. They got on like a house on fire, their conversation was lighthearted and they made each other laugh.

Peter noticed that Julie was always checking out her appearance in most of the shop windows they passed along the way. Julie was wrapped up in a large shapeless overcoat as protection against a cold windy night.

   ‘You look pretty, with your blonde hair and blue eyes, I would love to take you dancing on Saturday night.’ laughed Peter.

 Julie smiled and politely turned him down, mumbling.

‘Sorry Peter, I’m busy on Saturday.’

  Peter pressed her to meet him sometime soon and she responded by handing him her mobile phone number.

   It was later that night when he confided in Jane about Julie’s response and she said, ‘Julie never dates anyone, apparently she feels she’s too beautiful for any of the boys who are available, I think you are better off without that dubious pleasure.’

   Peter thought, (‘That’s unlike my sister to make a rather cruel remark like that!), but he didn’t say anything.

   It was just a couple of weeks later that Julie was rushed off to hospital where she almost died from lack of food, due to an eating disorder.

  Peter realised his sister Jane wasn’t being cruel, just protective of her brother.

    ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.’ 

   Most people when they look in the mirror are usually quite blind to certain points of the reflection. People who are continually looking at themselves in a mirror could be suffering from something called Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). This is a mental illness where people think they look different to how they really look. 

 Anorexia, the most common of the eating disorders, causes the individual to see a very different image in the mirror than what the glass reflects. 

 Narcissus in Greek mythology, apparently was so impossibly handsome that he fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

© Written by John Yeo 



SUNDAY 12th JULY 2020

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

   Old Mathew was in his eighties and a bit confused sometimes. Mary, his youngest daughter looked after him and cooked for him and generally did most of the chores. Mathew was a vegetable grower and had won numerous prizes for giant fruit and veg. One day he came in from the garden loaded up with produce for the kitchen. Mary began by washing and preparing a huge cabbage. Suddenly she screamed loudly.

‘Dad! This is crawling with caterpillars, look!’

Mathew rushed into the kitchen and said, ‘Don’t worry they’re only inchworms. Just wash the cabbage thoroughly, Mary.’

Mary prepared the meal and they both sat and enjoyed their meal. Mary couldn’t get over the feeling she might have eaten an inchworm and kept worrying. She had drunk a couple of extra glasses of wine to wash away the possible slime from the caterpillar, and she was feeling quite woozy.

 After dinner, she slipped upstairs to the bathroom and swallowed a half dozen extremely strong emetic tablets, washed down with another glass of wine.

 ‘Not to worry, the stronger the better.’ She thought to herself, ‘ l must get rid of that slimy creature from my stomach.’ Mary took a few more tablets to make sure she got rid of the loathsome thing.

 Later her father found her collapsed on the toilet floor with severe stomach pains and called for help from Judy, their next door neighbour, who immediately called an ambulance. Mary was rushed off to hospital with the tablet packet and after they had brought her round and pumped everything from her stomach, the young sister at the hospital asked her what had led her to swallow so many tablets.

‘It was the nasty inchworm that made me do it. I know I shouldn’t have drunk so much but I just wanted to get it out of my system. 

© Written by John Yeo 



This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

   Professor Vince was working on mind magic. A way of allowing people to experience their own individual versions of television programmes delivered through a special mind controlled screen. 

    ‘Jimmy, think of a programme you would like to see, or just say programmes into the magic box.’

    ‘Yes Professor,’

Jimmy thought of football and instantly a match was relayed onto a blank picture frame set up in the lab. Time and again the programmes changed to his personal preferences on the instant of a thought. With a sparklingly realistic picture on the blank canvas in the picture frame.

   ‘Wow! This is an impressive new technology, how much will it cost to be developed?’

  Suddenly Jimmy collapsed on the laboratory floor and stopped breathing. He came round after some resuscitation and began to comment on a nonexistent football match garbled with travel programmes, mixed up with history programmes and peppa pig.

  The Professor gave a shrug of his shoulders and remarked, ‘Further experimentation will be required. Meantime LCD televisions are a far better buy than Plasma televisions.’

  Jimmy was confined for treatment in hospital and is still there to this day.

© Written by John Yeo


RESEARCH from Wikipedia 

Until about 2007, plasma displays were commonly used in large televisions (30 inches (76 cm) and larger). Since then, they have lost nearly all market share due to competition from low-cost LCDs and more expensive but high-contrast OLED flat-panel displays. Manufacturing of plasma displays for the United States retail market ended in 2014,[1][2] and manufacturing for the Chinese market ended in 2016.[3][4][needs update]


FRIDAY 10th JULY 2020

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

   It was as if a curtain of excruciating pain had dropped on her mind as she lay there. She couldn’t talk as her throat was blocked by the airways and tubes. However she was aware of people all around her and she could clearly hear the sounds and voices surrounding her.

   Josephine’s mind drifted over the possibilities of how she could have found herself in this position. 

   The guidelines issued by the government had been clear. Wash your hands frequently, no contact, no touching and keep your distance. It was just that she’d thought, ‘I should be alright if I continually wear a mask and keep washing my hands. After all it’s mainly old people in care homes who are dying.’

   It was Jamie who had turned her head, she’d been in love with him for ages. He’d seemed to have ignored her for months until three weeks ago when they passed each other in the street, he’d stolen her heart with a broad grin. One thing led to another and a relationship had quickly developed. They say love is blind; nothing could separate the lovers, until Jamie was rushed off to hospital.

   Four days later Josephine had developed the well publicised symptoms and things had just got worse and worse. She had been rushed into hospital and here she was attached to a ventilator fighting for her life. 

© Written by John Yeo



Image © Copyright ~ John and Margaret ~ All rights reserved

Posted on 16th March 2016 by John Yeo
A prompt response for Inspiration  Monday



by John Yeo

      The very learned judge adjusted his cap and addressed the prisoner in the dock.

 “You have been convicted of a very serious crime. My instincts are to sentence you to the ultimate sentence. However I intend to sentence you to one day’s imprisonment in the new psychological institution, where you will be re-educated and pay for your crimes. You will be considered for release at the end of the day’s sentence. That will be all!”

  There was a general gasp of surprise from the people in the courtroom.

  The prisoner smiled, then laughed out loud. “Thank you Judge! I will be eternally grateful to you for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.” He guffawed loudly as he was led away to the cells.

   George Sweeney had battered a Post office clerk to death in the process of committing an armed robbery. He was a career criminal and had no remorse or conscience whatsoever.

   He smiled as he was driven to a brightly lit hospital the next day to begin his sentence.     The doctors were calm and reassuring as they showed him to his quarters, the bright lights were continually on at all times.

   George ate a hearty meal and asked the orderly. “Can I see the Doctor in charge please, I would like to know what time my re-education begins.”

    The orderly smiled and replied. “Don’t worry, Mr Sweeney, you will see him soon, there will be plenty of opportunities as the day progresses.”

   George then said. “Can I have my watch back, it was removed from my wrist by the police, when I was arrested. There are no clocks here! What is the time right now?”

    “Clocks are irrelevant here!” Replied the orderly. “You will get used to our system of time. Time that is stretched out and manipulated to allow you to think your thoughts and redress your balance. Enjoy the feeling of eternity as the day progresses and you will achieve much re-education and reorientation.”

    George began to feel anxious when he heard this. “What do you mean? I am only here for a day, how can I achieve anything? What do you mean by stretching time? I demand to see the Doctor in charge right now!”

   The orderly grinned and said, “Yes of course. I will go and fetch someone. I will be back soon.”

   What seemed like hours passed as George waited and waited. He began calling out loudly to attract attention, banging on the walls and kicking the locked door. A small aperture in the wall held a lift-shaft where food was suddenly delivered, George then realised how hungry he was and wolfed the food down.

  He became disorientated as the bright lights were on and blazing. He slept and woke as the Doctor arrived accompanied by several nurses and the orderly.

   “Hello!” said the Doctor smiling. “How are you?  What can I do for you? We have a long day ahead.”

   “I don’t believe you!” George shouted! “I have been here for what seems like forever already. I demand to see a lawyer and I want my watch back!”

   “Yes Mr Sweeney, here is your watch.”

  George took the watch and suddenly realised it wasn’t working. “Hey! My watch is broken! It has been damaged! I demand to see someone from the police to report this crime!”

   “Of course, Mr Sweeney, I will arrange that for you. Now relax and enjoy the rest of your day here.”

   The doctor and his retinue then left.

 What seemed to George like an eternity passed as he was left alone in his quarters with food appearing at odd hours and the orderly checking on him changing faces through the window in the door. The lights blazed interminably as George suddenly became aware that this was to be a never ending day. He became even more disoriented when he finally began to realise there would be no remission on this stretched out day’s sentence.

Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved




Pour Some Sugar on Me


Image © Copyright John and Margaret


By John Yeo

The man in the black mask and cloak raced across the roof tops and silently jumped between two close buildings. Far below, there was a distant sound of screeching sirens as the emergency services arrived at the building he had just left. The man smiled, and continued moving randomly between several more buildings, then he opened a rucksack and donned a white coat. Placing the mask and cloak with a pair of black gloves inside the bag, he calmly walked down a metal fire-escape into the hospital below.

“Good evening, Dr Airy,” said a harassed looking Sister. “Sorry I can’t stop. We have an emergency on the ward.”

“Good evening! Please go ahead, I am on my way to my office, if I am required, I am carrying the bleep tonight.”

“Yes Doctor!”

There had been a serious incident earlier in the evening, the Doctor was informed by his colleague, Dr Jenny Fergusson.
“An intruder wearing black, has entered the canteen and mysteriously stolen a massive quantity of sugar.”

“Sugar!” Dr Airy echoed. As his ears suddenly started growing and facial hair began sprouting rapidly on his cheeks.

Startled, Dr Jenny exclaimed, “Doctor! Your appearance is physically changing! What is happening to you?”

“I’m afraid I am unsure, Dr. Fergusson, Please pick up that sugar bowl there, and pour it over my face. I am undergoing a phsyical change, since I started treating a patient with a radioactive disease. My protective clothing was pulled off by the aggressive patient. I have discovered that the only antidote is the application of sugar.”

“Certainly Doctor, or whoever you are now.” said the mischievous Dr. Ferguson. Pressing the alarm button.
Two orderlies dashed in and removed the now unrecognisable Doctor to the Psychiatric unit, where he remains to this day.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Inspiration Monday ~ inmonsterbadge1


Ichthyosis Vulgaris

by John Yeo

  The day that Billy changed his appearance, he began to look like a fish, scaly skin broke out all over his face. The teacher said to him,
“Billy you are in the wrong country! No maybe you are in the wrong pond. Ha Ha!”
Billy blushed, and ran out of the classroom, his teacher apologised for the thoughtless remark and sent him to see the school nurse.
The trouble was no one at the school had ever seen anything like this before. Even the nurse was unsure of what to do for the best, and sent him home.
“You had better see your doctor Billy, I am sure he will know what to do!”
The doctor made an appointment for Billy to see a specialist in six weeks time.
Meanwhile, Billy was bullied and taunted every day, children can be cruel to someone who looks a little different from normal. Fatty Palmer, was the worst,
“Hey Fishface, you have had your chips! Get back into the frying pan!”
Billy cringed with embarrassment and backed away from the crowd, spending more and more time alone.
Stella became friends with him and gave him a lot of support. Stella’s father was a gymnastics teacher and she had learned a lot from him.
Fatty Palmer and his friends gleefully made fun out of the two of them,
“Here comes fish head and the trout, look out gang the freaks are about!”
Stella and Billy walked away together.
“Ignore them Billy,” said Stella, “We will only get into worse trouble.”

Billy went to the hospital and was examined in the skin clinic by a specialist who said.
“I am sorry to say you have a common inherited skin disorder called Ichthyosis Vulgaris, sadly there is no cure, but I can prescribe soothing creams and lotions. The symptoms should disappear in a short time and they may never return, but there is a chance they will come back in later years.”
“Ichthyosis what?”asked Billy’s Mum, “Your Dad had a similar thing on his chest Billy, very mild though.”
“That would be right,” said the consultant.

Some days later, Billy and Stella were walking home. Fatty Palmer and three boys were lying in wait for them, jumping out on the pavement they began jeering and threatening Billy. Stella took one look and went into action with a whirlwind of kicks and punches she brought Fatty down, and broke his arm. The other boys were on the receiving end of some very harsh punishment, before running away smartly.
Billy was astonished, Sella grinned and said. “My Dad is a black belt in Karate and he taught me a lot, I am also a black belt and I will show you how to look after yourself.

Billy and Stella stayed friends, became engaged, and got married. Of course that was ten very happy years ago now.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Ichthyosis vulgaris is a skin condition that causes dry, dead skin cells to accumulate in patches on the surface of your skin. It’s also known as “fish scale disease” because the dead skin accumulates in a similar pattern to a fish’s scales. “IMAGE AND INFO FROM THE NET.”

Five Sentence Fiction ~ Jolly

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.

This week’s word: Jolly


Image provided and credited by Five Sentence Fiction


by John Yeo ©

The patient was an elderly lady who had been in a coma for two weeks in the intensive therapy unit.

No identification had been found on her after the accident had occurred and she was admitted to the hospital.

Knocked down by a hit and run driver on the week before Christmas began she was on her own here, the police were trying to trace her family through missing persons reports.

Then, her eyes opened and alighted on a jolly greetings card, one of the nurses had placed by her bedside.

She looked at the picture of a cheery little dog, chewing a hat and said one word, “Christmas”.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



Picture it and Write~~BREAKDOWN!

This is the latest Picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s Blog



As usual the picture is supplied by Ermilia, and credited to Photo by mancity, http://www.printandroid.co.uk


Written by John Yeo


A very smooth journey, so far,

Much to our delighted surprise.

The aircraft was in very good shape,

Except for the occasional rattle.

A very smooth flight coming here,

Touch down smoothly, my fears subside.


Our hired car was not so great,

A banger that had seen many a battle.

A really good scenic route by car,

Through the hot dry desert, how time flies.

A rattle, a bang, then sad to relate,

Smoke is pouring from an engine baffle.


We have broken down, very far

From the nearest town of any size,

We can only sit in the car and wait

The heat intense, we share the water bottle.

A convoy arrives and the leading car

Stops to help and to offer a ride


Our prayers are answered, we hesitate

To think there is danger in the offer.

Then beaten and robbed by the thugs

We are stripped of all we possess.

Then left stranded in the desert

Death comes as no surprise. Slowly.


Re-awakening in the hospital,

I lie awake from my dream and decide,

I must question the doctor about the state,

Of my mind since my nervous breakdown.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved


Electric After-Shock

This is the latest Picture, from the picture it and write series from Ermilias Blog~


Erilia~Picture it and write~hando

The Picture is credited and
 provided by Ermila

 I was working as an engineer on high power cables,  strapped to a vehicle with a hoist that lifted me high into the air to enable me to reach the overhead cables. Suddenly I blacked out and I could remember nothing from that instant to this day. I was informed by my working colleagues that I had suffered a massive electric shock and I was very lucky to be alive. Indeed the doctors were proclaiming my escape from serious harm a miracle. My hand although perfectly normal to look at in daylight now glowed in a fluorescent way in the dark. Several illustrious learned men had examined my fluorescent hand and there was intense interest in my sparkling hand.

 I remain here in hospital awaiting the results of countless tests. In the next bed to me is a little boy, Billy, who is dying of terminal cancer, on the other side another victim of an accident, Bob, who is conscious but not expected to live. Billy was very interested in my glowing hand, and in the gloom of a cloudy late afternoon in the ward, he asked if he could touch my hand. I said of course, but don’t tell the doctor. Billy shook hands with me and we could both see a sparkling glow travel between both our hands. Billy smiled, and said he could feel the pleasant warmth spreading throughout his body. Bob in the bed next door asked if he could try it and he also reported a strange feeling of  warmth and electric power racing through his body.

 The results of my tests came through and I went home. A few days later I heard that the doctors were getting praised for the miraculous cures of two patients who had not been expected to live, Billy and Bob’s faces were staring at me from the newspapers.

I contacted them both and asked them to keep our secret and I would try to use my electric aftershock without the nuisance of publicity. I now live in a remote farmhouse and travel to many places to bring my electric magic, then fade away into the background again.

Copyright © written by John Yeo All rights reserved.

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