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Tell us about a sensation – a taster, a smell, a piece of music, that takes you back to childhood.

The boyhood of Raleigh by John Everett Millais 1870


by John Yeo

   The sensation that is the strongest transporter back to my childhood will always be a strong smell of ronuk fXxurniture and floor polish. Our school reception area was full of highly polished panelled wood, with a polished wooden floor. These wooden areas were kept highly polished by the school cleaners, using ronuk, floor and furniture polish. The powerful smell of this wax polish will live with me forever. 

  However, there was another sense at work in this area that will always stay with me and that is the sense of curiosity and wonder every time I gazed at a painting that was prominently displayed in the main entrance area. Every time I passed this work of art, I would spend ages just standing, soaking up this image, surrounded by a strong smell of ronuk floor and furniture polish.

   In the foreground of the painting was a bearded man

 wearing a distinctive hat, seated in front of a beached fishing boat.

 The fisherman was in conversation with two young boys 

pointing to a distant horizon with one hand, while holding a fishing net with the other hand. 


 by John Yeo

 A distant horizon, where the clouds meet the sea 

 An unbroken line as far as the eye could see

Representing mystery and imagination to the schoolboy mind.

  A gateway to the unknown an escape route from reality,

The sailor, telling tales of wonder across the waves.


  Waves as high as mountains and fish as big as a man.

Huge sea monsters  with many humps spouting spume

Swordfish, mermaids, sharks and pearls in shells

  I would stand and be transported to distant lands  

Journey to  places I was encountering in classes.


 Ivory and the slave trade, copra, with spices

Sandy islands with Palm trees and Robinson Crusoe, 

Cannibals and treasure with footprints in the sand.

Pirates and corsairs with cutlass and gunpowder.

Gold-filled galleons sailing the storm-tossed seas.


Hornpipe, sea shanties, shipwreck and disease.

Colourful birds flying high above the waves

Leading the traders to many distant lands,

Jungles, filled with lions, bears and monkeys, 

Elephants and tigers, and strange perfumed flowers.


Faraway lands filled with milk and honey

With many peoples of the world in traditional dress.

Contrasting strange lives of splendour, and sad distress.

Deserts with oasis and camel train routes from the east.

The mystical oriental thousand and one tales of wonder.


 Magic lamps with genies granting wishes galore.

The science of Arabia, the wisdom of China and more.

The perilous journey home across the seas braving storms

Carrying the cargo from ports and people round the world.

Unload a hold full of fish mend the nets whilst ashore.


A dream-filled reverie cut short with a caustic shout to implore.

‘You there! Stop daydreaming boy, and cut along to classes’.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



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by John Yeo

Whenever cruelty or hurt excites my passion 

Which is quite often in a heartless cold world.

I console myself with crimson clover compassions.


I feel the hurt of the oppressed with my imagination 

When the litany of heartbreak is daily unfurled.

Whenever cruelty or hurt excites my passion.


Crimson clover delights, nourishing high expectation 

Pacifying my feelings with my tension uncurled.

I console myself with crimson clover compassions.


The scent of the clover leads to high expectation 

Of solutions to sadness and a pain free realworld.

Whenever cruelty or hurt excites my passion.


Crimson clover stems the tide of relentless libations 

When the problems that beset us are twisted and hurled

I console myself with crimson clover compassions.


Floral power and evil have no compatible relation

Compassion will be felt in my personal dreamworld,

Whenever cruelty or hurt excites my passion 

I console myself with crimson clover compassions.


© Written by John Yeo

Writers Block~ Breaching the Dam


By John Yeo


The block is in place and creativity is impossible. Life pressures build, and priorities change, the writing and the creative process have ground to a halt. Tossing and turning in bed at night, seems just to make the block far worse, almost insoluble. How to alleviate the misery and begin to write? The way to deal with a dam is, of course, to puncture it and unleash the contents.

Relaxation is the key and the first step in the process of unblocking, is just to breathe and allow the creative juices to flow. A wide ranging reading session of some very good books will help to generate ideas, and start to puncture the dam, fertile thought tends to generate fertile thought.

The fertility and the greenness of “Mother-Nature” and all things growing and fighting for survival, make up a very very large slice of the creative oeuvre. Walking the lanes or working in the garden, will do wonders to stimulate thought and to germinate the seeds that will turn into wonderful creative ideas.

The puncture of the dam is now well and truly under way a tiny trickle of ideas for creative writing has now become a continual seep.

 Never be afraid to ask for help along the way, many people have suffered and overcome the dreaded block, and the road to inspiration is well travelled. Guidance is always available, sometimes in unlikely guises, as well as the obvious leadership that is always available.

Lastly the secret of turning that regular seep of ideas into a flood of inspiration, is to look around you. Take careful note of how others are learning slowly to cope, in a generally uninspiring world, and come to terms with the block through belief in themselves and belief in a far greater inspiration.

 Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved.

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Picture it and write~ The Second Coming

This the latest picture prompt from Ermilia’s blog


By John Yeo

A round globe, a moon that spins gracefully in the emptiness of space. A light that dreams are woven from at nightfall.

A solidity that is taken for granted by association with the physical moon that lights up the night sky.

A moon-like entity came closer and closer to the planet causing uproar and panic among the dinosaurs all over the earth.

The round moon-like entity, composed of a strange substance, drifted to earth and landed among the high rocky mountains.

Then a lava-like substance, the life-force ,that had travelled across the infinity of the universe, just melted into a river.

The river of life then flowed gracefully to the sea, where new life took up residence in the waters that gave birth to all life.

Time passed and new life-forms crawled from the depths of the oceans to take residence on the land.


Written by John Yeo (c)~~All rights reserved

Credits for Picture provided by Ermilia ~