TUESDAY 23rd JUNE 2020


  The professor was a well known entomologist he had lectured all over the world in most of the prestigious universities. In the jungles of Borneo, he met a local guide called Mojo and together they trekked through some impenetrable jungle searching for a new legendary example of insect life. A life of an unknown species.

‘Listen Mojo, we’re looking for a golden mosquito, that is a pure yellow golden colour   But we have to be wary we don’t get bitten as Madness will surely follow.’

 Later Mojo raced back from the densest part of the jungle with a dead insect clinging to his bare arm

‘Yai! Yai! I am now the one God and hate everybody, Mosquitoes will rule the world one day. Let’s all die together!’

The Professor was bemused as he pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his knapsack, secured Mojo and carefully removed the  dead yellow insect.  

 © Written by John Yeo.

Mondays Finish the Story – November 10th, 2014~ VOICES

Monday's finish the story


by John Yeo

Would anyone know if there was an alien invasion? I asked the Doctor as I lay on his couch.
I mean, I noticed this little fellow on a branch in our garden, Just another stick insect, I thought. Then suddenly the creature addressed me and told me to be careful where I trod or I would squash his spaceship. “
Hmm! Do you often hear voices?”
Yes! I can hear your voice quite clearly and my wife never stops talking.
Hmm! I mean, do insects often talk to you?
No, this one was unique and offered to show me a plant that would make me immortal.
Hmm! Did you reply and jot the details down?
No, I did not have a pen at the time and I have forgotten what the plant was, I was unable to question him further as a passing bird flew down and gobbled him up.
Hmm! Tell me about your relationship with your Mother?

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Copyright ©~Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved