You advertised for a discreet investigator”


OK! You’re hired!’

‘What’s the brief?’

‘Lady Brighton’s a quixotic idealist.

robbing stores to feed the poor.

Follow her!’

(26 WORDS)

© Written by John Yeo

Klepto~ Auto~ Maniac

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Dump truck

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jean L. Hays


by John Yeo

The difficulty of auto-mania is keeping a firm grip on the wheel. George was a confirmed kleptomaniac with a penchant for vehicles. The latest addition to his collection was stolen from a scrap yard. George planned to renovate and bring this interesting vehicle to life.

The police arrived and arrested George for parking this very unique stolen property outside his front door.

In court the learned Judge looked at George and asked.  “Why?”

George shrugged his shoulders, then mumbled. “I dunno!”

The Judge asked for a psychiatric assessment and later ordered George to be released into the care of the local hospital car mechanic.

Written by John Yeo ©