Robert Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry prompt on Writers Digest

For this week’s prompt, write a new surroundings poem. The new digs could be a house, new work environment, the great outdoors, hotel room, etc. It can be exciting, sad, scary, and about any other emotion you can imagine.


By John Yeo

The postman just brought something,

The flap clatters and falls

I put my teacup on the table 

Then slowly I enter the hall.

The cat follows, rubbing my leg,

A picture postcard lies on the mat.


I slowly bend to examine,

The beautiful pictures stand out.

Palm trees beaches and blue skies

Green trees and flowery sunshine.

I turn to the writing over

A message of love and care.


We are having a holiday Granddad,

We really wish you were here.

I turn to look at my view

Concrete flats and factories where.

With smoking chimneys and traffic,

The contrast is shockingly clear.


I have lived in this flat alone now

For five and twenty years.

Sometimes I hear from the family,

None of them ever come here

 I pick up the postcard again

My mind flies to new surroundings.


I wish I was there.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.