Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

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The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dawn M. Miller.


by John Yeo

   Lord Fauntleroy trekking in the backwoods with his retinue of servants, settled down for the night to rest within the canvas walls of his luxury tent. The encampment was chosen with care by his butler and personal friend Cox. His Lordship took off his trekking boots and carefully laid them side-by-side outside the door flap of his palatial tent. “Cox will deal with those,” he muttered to himself, before he retired for the night.
Soon he was awoken by bright lights and a whirring sound outside the encampment. He opened the flap to his tent to behold a wondrous sight. A huge alien saucer-shaped craft was drifting noiselessly above. Suddenly with a squelch and a sucking noise all the equipment and the people in the encampment were lifted into the spacecraft using some form of transference technology. In the morning the only signs of the good Lord and his retinue were a solitary pair of boots laid side by side in the middle of a pathway. Search parties are combing the area to no avail.

(175 WORDS)

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