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by John Yeo.

    Joe and Meg had met on a cruise ship, the grand SS Rosemary. They were both sadly bereaved from previous matrimonial spouses. 

    Circumstances threw them together when they met aboard the ship. They had both played their cards right over a bridge card table on board ship and they became inseparable. They were married six months later with a simple ceremony in church and they were soon happily settled. Both contentedly retired, they were hardly ever out of each other’s company and life simply drifted by in a haze of pure contentment.

    Five extremely happy years later they enjoyed the ultimate sentimental celebration. Word reached them that the actual ship that had brought them together was sailing into the sunset for its final voyage. 

    Plans were made and the day of sailing grew ever closer

 They experienced the incredible, sad farewell voyage which sailed from Southampton through the Mediterranean visiting some  beautiful and historic cities during the voyage, including Venice, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Valletta, and Casablanca. The destinations were beautiful and romantic enough to be thought of as a special second honeymoon with sentimental celebrations.

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