This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

The cancer is very advanced,

I had responded to the patient’s call.

The cancer is incurable,

The patient is ready to die

The writing is certainly on the wall.


‘Doctor you tell me I’ll die.

I have a confession to make;

Will you hear my deathbed plea?’

I offered to call a reverend priest,

‘Please. No! I never believed.


Will you let me get this off my chest?

I would like to tell you in confidence

As a professional and a very good friend.

I have always done my level best

Something has always haunted me.


My wife is my Father’s daughter,

We fell madly in love and wed.

We carelessly loved our way through life 

The only people who know the truth

Sadly, now they are all dead.

We married under false pretences

With a nod and a wink and love.

We have always believed in each other

Some say our incestuos union

Is against the laws of God.


We have loved believing our pretends.

Please respect my confidence

In your special capacity.

We have known and trusted you for years

As a professional and a very good friend.


My wife will inform our children.

When my life in this world finally ends

I would like you to offer her support

And assure her of my love for her.

We lived happily immersed in our pretends.



© Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.



This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

Because of you,

My life has changed irrevocably

The life that I had,

is now over and gone forever.

We built our lives anew,

Enjoying each other happily,

Our meeting was our launchpad

We will always be happy together.


Because of you,

We travelled together affectionately

Never a moment to be sad

With memories forever to treasure.

I’m sure somehow we both knew

We would shape our lives eventually

Taking the good with the bad

Loving each other, whatever.


 l hope you will see, 

It’s you I thank for the life that we lead,

because of you.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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PROMPT ~ The Colour of her affections


by John Yeo

The height of happiness is attained

With the colour of her affections 

Contentment with peace of mind maintained.


Red is peace with love unrestrained

Bathing our life with shared connections

The height of happiness is attained.


Sapphire blue with feelings restrained 

Sending our happiness in new directions

Contentment with peace of mind maintained.


Our passion builds with normality retained,

The sun shines yellow with new inflections ,

The height of happiness is attained.


Happiness returns as normality is sustained

Natural green tuned to our inclinations 

Contentment with peace of mind maintained.


Magnified with the colour of her affections 

Love is a rainbow of mixed emotions 

The height of happiness is attained

Contentment with peace of mind maintained.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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(Dedicated to Margaret)

by John Yeo

I will succeed. You inspire me to inspire you.

You’re feeding my constitution with total admiration

You realise you affect me through and through.


My feelings build on your feelings, heartfelt and true

You lift me up. I’m suffused with inspiration.

I will succeed. You inspire me to inspire you.


Since we met, these feelings grew and grew.

I’m searching desperately for causation

You realise you affect me through and through.


Our mutual admiration is impossible to subdue

Admiration grows with a slow gestation.

I will succeed. You inspire me to inspire you.


Our thoughts come together in a colourful hue

Our relationship is built on a firm foundation.

You realise you affect me through and through.


Caring with sharing a love strong and true

An ongoing love with a continuous flirtation.

I will succeed. You inspire me to inspire you.

You realise you affect me through and through.


© Written by John Yeo





by John Yeo 

It was just a year ago I first came into contact with Jessie, a forty-five years old divorcee. Jessie had long, blonde hair that obviously came with the aid of a bottle. She had a pair of sultry bright green eyes with long black eyelashes. A cute, full pair of kissable lips, rested under a tiny turned up nose. She wore a pair of designer glasses when she was shopping or at home, however she preferred to use contact lenses socially, in the interest of her vanity. All-in-all, she was the complete woman of my dreams.
My name is Norman Jones. I’m an eighteen years old student at the local Polytechnic College. At six feet two, I was tall for my age and a good all-round athlete. My grades in college had been excellent and it looked as if I was on my way to a glittering career in Science.
My best friend Matt, a fellow student, was lucky enough to live at home while I resided in student digs. Matt was a kind, cheerful sort of a bloke, who was a bit on the short side, at roughly 5 foot 5 inches tall, he was extremely sensitive about his height. He had a shock of red hair that prompted our cruel fellow students to call him Ginger. Matt hated this nickname for various reasons not the least being the extension to Ginger Beer.
Nevertheless there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his friends.
Then one fateful day I met Matt in town.
‘Hi Norm! How’s it going?’
‘Fine thanks Matt, I’m just off back to the digs to open a can of beans and feast on these takeaway chips.’ I replied.
‘No mate, really! Why don’t you come back to mine? My Mum won’t mind and you’ll get some decent grub.’
I was taken aback by this generous offer.
‘Thanks Matt! You sure your Mum won’t mind? It’ll certainly beat beans and cold chips.’
’Sure thing mate: Come along with me now.’
We made our way to the bus station and caught a bus to the city suburbs back to Matt’s place.
Little did I realise this was going to be a life changing experience for me. My life was about to take a totally unforeseen and unexpected turn. Nothing could have prepared me for my meeting with Matt’s Mum.
As we entered the house he called out, ‘Hi Mum!’
There was a muffled response from upstairs as we entered the house together.
Then I stopped and couldn’t help myself from staring, as a mature, glamorous blonde lady appeared from the hallway.
‘Mum,’ said Matt, ‘Meet Norman, my best friend from college. Is it OK if he stays and has some dinner with us?’
‘Of course he can darling, come inside and make yourself at home Norman. My, what a tall handsome lad you are!’
I blushed and stuttered, ‘Thththank yyyou’
Matt laughed as she said to me, ‘Don’t be shy, I’m only joking.’
Matt then said, ‘Take your shoes off Norm, as Mum’s just had a new carpet laid.’
I kicked off my trainers and followed Matt into the lounge where he picked up a remote and switched on the TV; flicking through the channels until he found a football match in full swing.
Matt’s Mum, bustled in smiling as she asked, ‘You two guys want a drink? Juice or a cold beer?’
I nodded and replied, ‘Thanks Mrs Peterson, I’ll have a beer.’
‘Please call me Jessie, Norman.’ My insides were churning up with some strange sensations as she sweetly said this. I had heard of the effect some women have on a man but this was puzzling to me.
‘Do you like your steak well done or rare?’
‘Well done please Jessie’ I replied. as I savoured the sound of her name.
‘OK!’ She said as she headed towards the kitchen.
I badly needed to use the toilet as I said to Matt. ‘Which ways your bathroom mate?’
‘Just through the kitchen.’ he replied.
I entered the kitchen and noticed Jessie preparing the meal. I suddenly felt strangely light headed.  In that moment, I felt my knees give way from under me and I just fell to the ground.

©️John Yeo~ All rights reserved.





A prompt response for ~ Inspiration Monday: Comfortably Numb


by John Yeo

Henpecked Humphrey is worn down by the demands and blatant unpleasantness brought on by the vulnerability of his wife, Angelique; an invalid who is perhaps not as invalid as he believes. Demanding and cruelly calculating she knows he will never find the courage to leave her. Humphrey, her husband, is a meek, mild-mannered man who always looks on the positive side of any situation and is infrequently rewarded with small favours from this overbearing manipulating monster.

One sunny day Humphrey and Angelique are out walking

“Come along Humphrey! We are falling behind: My legs, even with my stick and my other walking aides will never stand the strain of these hills. You are an impossible man to get along with I will never forget the day after we got married when I had that terrible fall that did irreparable damage to my spine. Are you listening to me or am I talking to myself.”

“Yes Angelique!

“Humphrey! Push harder, we will never keep up if you are going to be lazy. Push the wheelchair harder. Look out there’s a car coming, it may career onto the pavement and kill us both. Look out man!”

“Yes Angelique!”

Just at that moment Bob and Phylis came by, they had just become friendly with Humphrey and Angelique.

“Hello folks!” said Phylis, “How are you both?”

Angelique immediately answered the question. “We’re fine thanks, Humphrey is being a bit difficult at the moment; aren’t you Humphrey?”

“Yes Angelique!”

Bob then smiled and said; “How are things with you Humphrey?”

“Oh! You’re fine aren’t you Humpy? We are out for a walk taking the air.”

“Yes Angelique!”

Phylis then interjected and said, “Angelique; why don’t us girls have a nice cup of tea in this cafe? I’m sure Humphrey won’t mind, and we can let the boys loose to have a pint in that pub across the road.”

“I’m not sure about that! I need Humphrey here to take care of me at all times, don’t I Humphrey?”

“Yes Angelique!”

“I’ll look after you while we sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chat Angelique!” said Phylis.

“I’m not sure about that, you like to be with me all the time don’t you Humphrey?”

“Yes Angelique!”

Bob then said, “It’s OK both, we would hate to come between two lovers who are devoted to each other as you two obviously are. How long have you two lovebirds been married?”

Angelique then immediately responded, “Thirty eight years, we met each other at university didn’t we Humpy?”

“Yes Angelique!”

Bob then said with a smile, “That must have been a red letter day in your life Humphrey! Certainly a day to remember.”

“Yes it was,” Angelique answered swiftly, “We are very happy and life is comfortable. Aren’t we Humpy?”

“Yes Angelique!”

“Come on then! Humphrey push on or we will be late for our yoga and relaxation session. Goodbye you two; lovely talking to you; we always enjoy a chat. Don’t we Humpy?”

“Yes Angelique!”

“Come on then! My legs are getting stiffer by the second. Get a move on Humphrey! Push harder or we will be late.”

“Yes, My Angel”

Bob was stunned at this, as they watched the couple making their way up the hill to the village hall. Humphrey was almost bent double pushing the wheelchair up the hill.

“Phylis that bloke is so worn down he has got past uncomfortable and is numb with shock. Comfortable and numb.”

“Yes Bob, you’re absolutely right. Comfortably numb! I couldn’t have put it better myself.”


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Image © Copyright John and Margaret



by John Yeo

     Rod and Al were the best of friends, they met at public school, and were star pupils in their year, both obtaining above average grades. A bright future was predicted for these two privileged students  The two friends were both studying Law together at University. Carefree days that seemed to be stretching out forever. Rodney’s father was a Member of Parliament and Alastair came from a wealthy family of landed gentry.

    Before long they were courting and sowing their wild oats, they both enjoyed substantial allowances from doting proud parents. Money was no object and the fine wine flowed, good food was savoured, and love blossomed and died many times. In spite of this, their studies were going well and they were on track to obtain very good results when they graduated.

  Then out of the blue, along came a phone call from an old friend of Rods, an ex-girlfriend Geraldine. The tearful call was an urgent cry for help, and went something like this.

     “Hey Rod! Gerry here! How are you? I’ve just discovered I’m pregnant. You will be a Father in July. We must get together and discuss what we’re going to do about this. You have always been the only one for me!”

    Rod was stunned at this and immediately got on to Alastair who ridiculed the whole notion, actually referring to Geraldine as an easy ride, who was in the process of trying to take him for a ride.

    Rod was too ashamed to ask for help from his Father and approached Geraldine demanding proof. Geraldine just laughed in his face and demanded money from him in an attempt to blackmail him into paying for a private termination.

    That night Rod and Al went out on the town together, and after a long pub crawl they were heavily under the influence of alcohol when they were approached by two police constables on foot.

     Al then drunkenly made an unwise statement. “I smell bacon!” There was a few minutes silence as the effect and the dual meaning of this remark sunk in to all present.

    Soon they were both under arrest for being drunk and disorderly in a public place, and were shown into a cell at the local police station. They were interviewed and huge repercussions would surely follow, as this arrest could jeopardise their careers, if they were charged and their parents were involved.

   Al immediately apologised to the police officers involved  who decided this was an out of character remark, and advised them to stay out of trouble. Rod explained the background to the story and received a sympathetic response from the lady Constable behind the station desk.

  Then another surprise awaited them as they were leaving, Geraldine was led into the police station. Rod was shocked to learn the so-called Mother of his unborn child. was a hooker using her wits to pay her way through University.

  As they left the police station, Rod and Al shoved all the folding money they were carrying, into a charity box marked, “Police Widows and Orphans Fund.”

  In spite of the ‘Unstatement’, that Al had erased, and Geraldine’s ‘Unstatement’, of impending motherhood exonerating Rod. The two young men became top lawyers and went on to enjoy successful unblemished careers. Geraldine went on to become a very wealthy celebrity model.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved





Image © Copyright John and Margaret

Posted on February 27th 2016 by John Yeo
A prompt response for Inspiration Monday


by John Yeo

     The ship had sailed away from Southampton on a long voyage to the Caribbean. I have never experienced this type of holiday before, and I was  keen to find a way to pass the time during the interminable days at sea.

    “I think I would like to learn Bridge,”  I said to the Social Hostess, when I went to collect my copy of the morning crossword puzzle and the quiz. “I have never played the game before and it will be a rewarding way to kill some time while we are at sea.”

    “That’s a good idea.” Said, Angela the friendly crew member on duty. “Just turn up and introduce yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner, the Bridge tutor is friendly and you are certain to fit in.”

      “Thanks Angela, I will let you know how I get on.”

   I was early, for the Bridge session and I made my way outside on deck to sit and do my crossword. This was definitely wistful thinking as I soon became aware of the gusty winds outside on deck. The ship was miles out at sea and the waves were high rolling, and foam topped. The view on all sides of the ship was exactly the same, broiling grey-blue waves on a moving sea reaching out to a far distant horizon. The cloudy sky was broken by a few patches of blue, revealed by the wind-blown clouds racing across. I was astonished at how few seabirds there were, until one of the crew informed me that the birds were usually seen close to the shore.

    The only visible thing was a distant spot on the horizon, I asked my new found friend the crew member. “Is that another passenger ship in the distance?”

    “No Sir, that is probably a container vessel, on the way to the docks.”

   “However can you know what that is from this distance?  I asked.

   “Ah! We only usually see cargo vessels on this route, if that was another passenger ship the Captain would have informed everyone over the loudspeakers.”

   “Thanks for your help.” I said.

     “You are welcome!”  Was the friendly response“

  I made my way to the card-room where I was full of questions. Would I like this mysterious card game? Would I be able to pick the basics up quickly enough to be able to take part in a serious game? The Bridge tutor bustled up to me as soon as I entered, a friendly looking, middle aged lady with piercing brown eyes, looking over a pair of brown plastic spectacles, smiling broadly she said.

     “Good Morning, and welcome have you played this game before? I’m Cheryl and this is my husband Bill. What is your name?”

     I was overwhelmed with the warmth of this friendly greeting, and as Bill shook my hand, I replied. “I’m John, and No! I am an absolute beginner. I would like to learn the basics to enable me to play when I return home.”

   “Of course John, welcome!” Said Bill, “You have come to the right place, luckily we have three people here who are looking for someone to make up a four, let me introduce you to Jen and Lew, and their travelling companion May.”

  I shook hands with Lew, a tall portly man, with a bald head and a friendly manner.

      Jen responded with a welcoming smile and said, “Sit down, John.” I liked Jen instantly, her dark hair and very brown eyes gave her an open but wary look.

    I smiled and nodded as I took a seat at the table, opposite May. “I’m sorry to say that I am a total beginner, I have never played this game before.”

  Lew responded and said, “Don’t worry Jen and I have played a little before, but May is learning, you are welcome to join us.”

  Cheryl bustled up towards our table and said. “May I suggest that you play men against ladies that will put one absolute beginner, up against another, together with one of the more experienced players?”

    I found myself paired up with Lew against Jen and May. Then total card war broke out as the game began. Closely followed and supervised by the two tutors, Cheryl and Bill. I have never experienced a card battle like this before. I found myself getting exasperated looks from Lew as I bidded wrongly and made many amateurish errors. I could see May was getting by, but she was also overcome by the tension of this fight to the finish.

The ladies won hands down, and Lew was rather peeved, I could see it in his demeanour.

I found myself warming to May, her total genuine attitude, her bright blue eyes and blonde hair, and her smiling personality. We arranged to meet later for tea.

Drinking Camomile tea in the cafe and discussing the philosophy of non-verbal communication, we rapidly fell head over heels in love at first fight.

We never played Bridge again!

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Fiction Friday Prompt ~LOVE ON SITE


The life and works of Lori Carlson

Good morning, fellow writers! It is the first Friday in July. Hope your summer is going well! It’s time for Fiction Friday!

Today’s prompt is to write a story about a construction worker who makes a discovery of a lifetime at a construction site. You set the scene, decide the discovery, and figure out how it will impact his/her life.

Keep the story between 500-1000 words.


Image from the net


by John Yeo

The construction site was a huge area, almost a mini town. Seven hundred and ninety-five men were employed here along with a good number of women.
One young lady in particular relished her job, she had always been a bit of a tomboy and followed her Dad into his trade much to the surprise of her Mum. Grace was a welder used to working under enormous pressure, she had worked alongside Paul for six months solid now. They were very good friends and some would say, almost an item. Paul was a loner he usually had no time for anyone, Grace had almost melted his heart of stone.
Monday morning and Grace arrived with bloodshot eyes, red-rimmed from shedding very many tears.
Paul shocked, shouted, “What’s wrong Grace, why have you cried so hard and so long? I have never seen you so upset!”
“Don’t worry Paul, it is very personal, I cannot tell you, please trust me and don’t ask questions.”
“I would like to know my friend, but when you are ready.”
The site hooter sounded and they began to work. Paul was deep in thought as he could see Grace was hiding her face behind the welding mask.
It was even more of a shock to everyone close to where they were working, when the site manager arrived with two uniformed policemen asking to speak to Grace.
“Would you accompany us to the office please Grace?”
Paul was mystified and very upset, he wondered what the heck was going on. There was very little welding getting done in their section that day.
Grace returned to work and Paul, full of a feeling of great relief embraced her unashamedly. “I am so happy to see you, what happened? Why were you questioned? I must have some answers? Please Grace.”
His face mirrored the concern as he gently tried to allay her fears.
“Paul I discovered a carton full of money in the communal changing room, after you had gone home on Friday. When I handed it in, I was informed it was stolen money from a break-in, hidden by the thieves on the site.”
Grace poured a cup of tea for both of them, from a flask that she had brought from home for her lunch break.
“Why were you crying so much, when you did the right thing Grace?”
“I am so sorry Paul, I didn’t mean to think badly of you, but I was in shock. I have been agonising all weekend, stupidly thinking that you may have been involved and led into trouble by the suspect. I know you and his group drink together in the local pub. Please forgive my stupidity!”
Paul was taken aback and quickly swallowed his cup of lukewarm tea. Realisation suddenly dawned on him.
“Grace you mean to say you were crying because you thought I was involved and you had got me into trouble?”
“Yes I am a fool I know, but I have grown very fond of you and I don’t want to lose you.”
Paul smiled broadly, then quietly took her into his arms. His mind was turning cartwheels as the situation began to sink in. He then knew he had found the love of his life and he never ever wanted to let her go.
“I always liked this job and I enjoyed working with you on this site. We have met on site and I plan to wed you and stay in our life together forever. Will you marry me?”
Grace blushed as she accepted Paul’s proposal. “Of course silly, I love you!”
The wedding took place six months later in the middle of a construcion site. The Bride wore overalls and a safety hat to match the grooms outfit .They arrived by truck and the priest wore a hard hat above his clerical collar. The best man had a welding mask attached to his face and there was a horrible moment when he could not find the ring, but after a quick lift of the mask, the priest mouthed the time honoured words. Paul slipped the ring on Grace’s finger
Then Paul and Grace said “I do!”.
The priest said , “You may now kiss the bride.”
Almost one thousand construction workers raised a cheer that was heard two miles away.

They were remarried in a local church six months later, after the banns had been properly read. The bride wore a dress of sparkling white and members of their families and many friends were there to see them on their way to a life of ecstatic happiness. Their lives were now welded together forever. They both found love on a building site.

Copyright (c) ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved 

Unconditional Love


Inspirational Sunday Prompt #9

Posted on June 7, 2015

Blessed Sunday, fellow writers! I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend. It’s the first Sunday in June. What a glorious day!

Today’s prompt will be an inspirational quote. Use the quote to create a poem, journal entry, short story or even an art piece, maybe take a photograph… let your imagination soar!


Image (c) Copyright ~ John and Margaret














Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.