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September Writing Prompts


by John Yeo

    ‘Sarah I have to go away for a while, over the enchanted mountains, through the mystical valleys. I am desperately searching for the key to my lost vitality and inspiration.’  

  The magician had a tear in his eye as he uttered these words to his beautiful daughter.

    ‘Why Father, everything has been fine and we are happily living here in a state of eternal bliss. What are you searching for?’

   ‘I am conscious of the difference in my abilities now, to when I first became a new, sparkling, go-ahead magician, able to work my magic in any situation. My state of mind is slowing and I fear for my magical abilities. I need to search for potions that will bring back my youth and speed of thought.’

  ‘Father, surely aging is a natural process and we live to increase our knowledge through experience. Aging is a good thing that allows us to experience new frontiers naturally.’

   The magician stopped and smiled at the logic behind this reply. ‘My darling daughter, you have grasped something that is not apparent to many people. I know of mystical elixirs that can nourish the aging person and reinvigorate the weakest cells in our aging brains. I will travel many miles and confront many demons along the lifespan of my travels to obtain the solution to my declining mental prowess.’

 ‘Father, I have heard there is no known cure here for the slow degeneration of mental powers caused by the dreadful creeping palsy of the brain that often comes with old age. I sadly wish you well and I hope you find your magic in time to restore your powers.’

© Written by John Yeo 

April~Poem-a-Day~Day 29~Magical Realism Poem

The final Two-for-Tuesday prompt for this month is:

  • Write a realism poem. A poem that is rooted in the real world. Or…
  • Write a magical poem. A poem that incorporates magical or fantastical elements.

Or write like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and do both!

The  Rude Awakening

By John Yeo

I drifted freely in a magical sky

With my wings outstretched I began to fly,

From cloud to cloud through the intense blue

I drifted and danced my way to you.

I passed a magical fish flying by

Swimming in the Cerulean Sapphire sky.

A voice broke into my high journey

From across the shores of the skyful sea.

Half aware and still flying free

I wondered who could be calling to me.

I was rudely brought back to reality.

When I awoke from my magical reverie.

Get out of bed! It is getting late!

Breakfast is ready and it will not wait.

I crawled out to face another cold day

On my bike in the rain, and on my way,

Soaked to the skin, in the heartless city,

From a magical dream I faced harsh reality.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo

All rights reserved.