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Hello fellow writers. What a glorious Thursday! It is time for Words to Write By! I will list 10 random words and it is your job to chose at least 5 of them to write a poem, a story, a journal entry or use them to inspire a piece of art or a photograph. Remember, you can use any form of the words, make them adjectives, adverbs, present tense, past tense, etc.

 eggplant,  waiter,  linger,  spacious,  stiffen,  misconceive,  mystical,  deracinate,  precipitate, weaver.


by John Yeo


An eggplant growing in the hothouse
Shining, glossy, purple edibility,
A study in polished vegetable beauty.
Grown in a bed of nutritious goodness
Misted with a spray for moisturised taste.


The gardener smiled as he worked with care,
Nurturing and nursing his vegetive wonders.
His hands would sow seeds to precipitate
The change graduated to slowly deracinate
As the aubergine became an eggplant.


This aubergine was no ordinary eggplant.
A living entity, a mystical superfood.
To stiffen and shock the gourmet taste buds
Cultivated to precipitate with expectancy
A memorable flavour guaranteed to linger.


The waiter smiled as he took the order,
Eggplant, fried with tomatoes and chilli.
Chopped and fried with garlic and olives.
Cooked slowly on a bed of fluffy tender rice.
To the weaver of the magic woven in the kitchen.


Copyright (c) ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.