This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

We always knew when the twins were around
Lenny would whistle, with a merry tune
Louise would talk quietly to herself out loud,
Their whole world was built on creative sound.

Twin flames burning, developing together.


Lenny became a gifted musician,
Hitting the heights with his every note
Courting his audience with sounds sublime
In many joyful musical compositions

Twin flames burning, together forever.


Louise became a writer transforming words
Rehearsing poetry and prose unbowed
Vocalising and testing words out loud.
Testing her thoughts on the listening birds

Twin flames identically developing together.


Twins, creating patterns of words with music
Together a symphony of mingling works

Burning with identical intensity wherever 

Lenny and Louise celebrated music and words

Twin flames burning, mixing their magic forever.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below..


by John Yeo

Synaesthesia a magical process

Turning sound into colour.

Musical instruments bring to life

The beautiful sounds of the alphabet


Skiffle, Rock, Country sound,

My youth in words, Swirling around.

Lonnie, The King and the Famous four,

Crooners, Swooners and many more.


Vid Sicious, Punk Rock,

Safety pins and the Union Jack.

Shouting, pouting, Strolling clones,

Gyrating, ear-aching, mind numbing tones.


Then, conversion through a live performance,

An orchestral night out with a friend,

Feeling apprehensive and very mellow,

Admiring a pretty girl, cradling a Cello.


The bow is poised, the strings are silent,

The mind is focused.   Expectant!

The baton is raised, the sound reverberates,

A beautiful Cello sings.


A cloudburst of music then resounded,

Each note, a rainbow hued drop of magic.

Gathering force and bursting forth

Entering and impressing my consciousness.


The sensual Cellist, lost in producing,

The magic of the sounds.

My mind is taking in her interpretation.

The mechanics of the piece.


She reads the script from the music sheet,

Stroking the bow across the strings.

Producing sounds that shake the Soul

Sending the mind on a journey.


The notes flow from the instrument,

The musician interprets the composers’ creation.

Mellow sounds fill the air, colourful, resonant.

Each note touches a nerve, the nerve ends tingle.


Sound reaches out to colour the brain.

Interpretation begins.

Using the instrument to bring to life

The beautiful sounds of the alphabet.


Picturing a beautiful Swan from “The Carnival of the Animals”

Composed and created by Camille Saint-Saens.

© Written by John Yeo


A prompt response for  Inspiration Monday ~ MUSICAL CHAIR


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by John Yeo 

The natural sounds are music to my ear
Resounding round my comfortable chair,
My life will begin and end as I sit here.

The magic of the sound swirls far and near,
Harmony soaking through melodic air;
The natural sounds are music to my ear.

Smooth melodies drifting sweetly clear,
Sounds around my chair answer a prayer;
My life will begin and end as I sit here.

Life becomes love becomes music clear;
A dreamy soulful symphony where
The natural sounds are music to my ear.

Trance becomes a pre-hypnotic tear,
Memories sing of a future I will share
My life will begin and end as I sit here.

The music with my chair wings steer
Mind to crystal clarity without care.
The natural sounds are music to my ear
My life will begin and end as I sit here. 

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


A prompt response to

  1. Tech Support: Use computers or a conversation with tech support you’ve had as inspiration.

    hand robot-1571852_960_720

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    By John Yeo



    “Hello! This is the tech department speaking, All,our engineers are taking calls at the moment, your call is important to us; please continue to hold, all calls will be recorded and may be used for training purposes. Meanwhile enjoy some tinny, robotic, royalty free music.”

    🎶🎵 🎶🎵 🎶🎵

     “Hello, this is tech support here, what is the nature of the problem? We can help in most areas of computer science at affordable rates.” Said a robotic, tinny sort of voice at the other end of the line.

     “I have a problem with my emails, the inbox is up to 5000 unread items and still they are flooding in. How can I stop this interminable flow of junk mail?” I asked.

     “This is the tech department speaking,  in the tech department. Please provide your credit card details, we will sign you up for our five-star service treatment, where we take full control of your emails and delete the junk from the important day-to-day effluence. We will then charge you a small fee every month to keep the unwanted flow down. I can assure you of our best possible five-star service in the future.” continued the robotic voice at the other end of the line.

    “Oh! I just need some advice at present, thanks. What can I do?

     “Stand on your head and count to ten, then eat porridge for breakfast, easy on the sugar, it can be deadly.” replied the robotic voice.

    “What? Are you serious? How the heck can that help to stop the flow of junk mail?” I. asked.

    “Well Sir, it’s all about the quality of the oats, they are capable of producing the necessary flatulence that can stem the abominable flow of excreted matter.” replied the tinny voice.

    “Look here!” I responded aggressively. “I am becoming somewhat miffed at your insolence. I am asking for help here not for your unwanted nonsensical comments.”

    “Please calm down Sir! Try frying your eggs sunny-side up when you next eat breakfast. Works wonders when it’s raining.”

    “Are you joking? You stupid inconsequential idiot! What’s your name? I intend to report this to your head office!” I shouted now getting madder than ever.

    “May I suggest you do the splits on a live rail at the nearest tube station Sir.” carried on the voice at the other end of the line. “My name is Tobor, I am in charge of communication at the moment, all my superiors are either in a meeting or at lunch at the moment. Kindly provide your credit card details and all your computer passwords to enable any repairs to go ahead.”

    “Right I’m hanging up this phone now Tobor. Your superiors will be hearing from me!”

    “Thank you, Sir, your call is important, we look forward to hearing from you again soon. Have a nice day!”

    Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved




Pen n tonic Creative Expressions

Each week on Tuesday Pen’n’Tonic will post  a word, a phrase, a picture, or an idea that will constitute a prompt from which to submit a poem, a flash fiction piece (not longer than 250 words), an original photograph, an original artwork, or a combination of these things that you think applies to the week’s theme.

This week, as a learning exercise to help understand point of view, I challenge you to write the same story from two perspectives. Choose two main characters, one settings, and one mini plot. Write two stories, one for each character.



by John Yeo

 We live on the borders of a modern dairy farm. About once every three months or so an illegal rave party would take place in one of the fields. The farmer was unable to control the influx of thousands of fans and partygoers. The police were powerless, in the face of such large numbers of people, attracted by news on social media.


 Father was always hopping mad.

“Why don’t they send in the army and round them all up as an example to other law-breakers! The loud volume damages peoples hearing, they will all suffer in later life. The rubbish they leave behind the next day is never properly cleaned up. These raves are illegal, yet the authorities are unable to uphold the law.


 Thirteen year old Scot the farmers son, had a different view, he was excitedly communicating with his i-phone to his friends from school describing the music and the excitement of the rave-up.

“The music is fantastic and all these really cool ravers with their friends camp out for the whole weekend. The beat never stops, I can hear it free at home! I look over at the field where thousands of young people are dancing, drinking and enjoying themselves. I wish I was a few years older, I would be with them enjoying myself



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Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

JUNE 4, 2004 Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.


 Three songs that have made a huge impact on me during my life? Obviously the songs that come to mind are the important songs that have made an impression on my life. All music that I have enjoyed,has come in phases, during the popular phase I remember, “Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be” sung by Doris Day. I was a young man during the time this song arrived on the scene, and her voice and the words made a big impact on my mind. It was also a firm favourite of my late wife, Sophie.

 The next song I can distinctly remember was linked to a girl friend who lived in the USA, I live in the UK and we last met when she was on a holiday here. This song is, “A bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Simon and Garfunkel, I love the words and the tune to this.

 The final song would be an Operatic Aria, “One Fine Day” from the opera Madame Butterfly, This turned my tastes firmly in the direction of the music and production of Grand Opera. My wife, Margaret and I both love this type of music and we have enjoyed several Operas together.

 I find this selection of my favourite songs, very mysterious as they are all songs that have had a significance in my life and they can all be linked by circumstances.

 “Que Sera Sera” is a philosophical song, that is a direction to follow in the future.Image

“Bridge Over Troubled Water”, is also a reminder that I met my wife Margaret on the water during a cruise, at a very troubled period in my life.Image

“One Fine Day” is the finale of this troubled period when Margaret and I decided to get married. We have enjoyed a second chapter of our lives for the last ten very happy years.Image

 I will now download and put these three songs together on my computer as I never realised they had such a significant impact on my past and present life.


Written by John Yeo (c) All rights reserved

First 50 Words~”Bluegrass”

By John Yeo

I must admit I have heard very little Blue-Grass country music here in the UK. Although I like some country music, I am an avid classical music fan.
I understand there is a British Bluegrass music association with a large following here. 
I have seen many images of the beautiful Kentucky blue grass country region, with the impressive horses grazing on the beautiful luscious grass. 
Music is born from such beauty.

Written by John Yeo  ©
All rights reserved