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Today’s prompt ~ PRETTY PLACES


by John Yeo

The bay was picturesque and sombre at the same time. A pretty cove surrounded by rocky cliffs, where the surf gently rippled into rock pools on the sandy shore in the Summer months. Artists and photographers would flock to this location to record the beauty both in the Summer and the dramatic Winter months. Birds were nesting high among the rocky escarpment, flying high in the blue cloud-flecked sky. An odd thing about the higher rocks was the filmy gooey layer of a white substance that was almost ingrained in some of the higher rocks. Sun worshippers and artists alike would be warily dodging a frequent continuous shower of flying guano bombs. There were also frequent dog walkers parading up and down the shoreline. Almost every breed of dog known to man was featured in this constant parade, leaving mounds piled on the immaculate sandy shore. Each of these mounds represented a hastily piled heap of sand that hid the inevitable leavings of our well-fed modern canine population.

The Winter months were equally beautiful, but in total contrast to the serene peaceful splendour of Summer. Dramatic high white-flecked waves pounded the shore. Artists and photographers were still drawn here to record the beauty. Grey skies and heavy rain forewarned fierce storms and hurricane force winds. As huge waves battered the shore they washed in tons of plastic accompanied by much other detritus of varying description. There was a long continuous mound of assorted rubbish that had piled up slowly over the Autumn and Winter Months.

Spring arrived with new growth of the salt-loving plants and shrubs along the shoreline around the bay. The birds returned to the cliffs to breed again, and a few concerned people began to clear away the washed up rubbish along the beach.

News broke that an oil tanker had overturned in the ocean offshore and it wasn’t long before a black tarry substance began to be washed up on the sandy beach. The seabirds were badly affected and the yellow sand quickly turned to a deep excreta-shaded brown. The pretty beach was quickly closed to the public to enable a cleanup to take place.

The good news was there were several more unspoilt pretty places just along the coast for the enjoyment of everyone.

© Written by John Yeo

Picture it and Write ~ Decisions? ~ Decisions?

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog

Ermilia forest

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

The garden needs a lot of work and we are at the planning stage. 

“I think if we cut the trees down, we can lay lawns and have a lake for wild-fowl, with flower beds and borders. We can build a summer- house with many arbours and marble statues everywhere. Nature can be modelled, shaped and controlled.” 

“No! Why not have a forest garden and encourage wildlife with deer, squirrels and much birdlife. A natural garden would be best, we don’t need the artificiality of manicured lawns and borders, that is too much like hard work. Nature always wins in the end, whatever we do.”

“We can always concrete the whole area over and build high-rise flats, we could make a lot of money that way. Nature would take a long time to win then!”

“Now you are being silly, I know you don’t like to be overlooked and feel crowded, I see a natural garden, where we keep the trees, and have a woodburning stove. We would have our isolation with privacy to write and create. We will have a vegetable plot with chickens in the middle of our own forest. Nature would be our friend and we would both win then.” 

Yes! We can build a small gallery with workshops and encourage a community of artists and writers. We will build cabins in the yard and sell our work in the gallery shop. Nature would be our partner and our friend.”

Ermilia forest

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved