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by John Yeo

“I want it to be an unbreakable transformation. An identity that is so secure that even my own Mother would not be able to recognise me. Is that possible?”

 The identity broker smiled benevolently and replied.

“Of course Sir! Anything is possible if the funds are available. We have experts in dialect who can alter the way you pronounce words. We’ve got surgeons who can alter your appearance in many ways. Psychologists who can change your learned behaviour and characteristics. We also have a revolutionary new treatment that takes the essence of your being and reshapes your body.”

  “What are your prices?”

“Well Sir,  prices vary accordingly. Our popular identity rental is very reasonable, a fixed rental price is agreed for the life of the identity, and should a reversion procedure be required, we just charge a payment for the restoration treatment.

 A permanent identity change is of course possible. For an irreversible procedure a non-refundable fee is required.

Then there is our revolutionary new one-off treatment, where we guarantee an unidentifiable result.

A fluid dynamic chemical ooze of a variation of different identities that merge together in total integration. The previous personality takes over control and finally controls the identity of the whole. A higher power intervenes and takes control.”  replied the broker.

 “What if something goes wrong?”

  “My good friend, we have been trading from time immemorial. We have a full money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.”

With an air of total reassurance, the broker pulled a catalogue from a bureau full of glowing testimonials from unidentifiable previous customers.

“These testimonials are from unidentifiable people, Mr Broker! How do I know they are genuine?”

 “My friend surely this is proof of our procedures the final results are unidentifiable. These are satisfied rental customers who have ongoing aftercare built into the contract.”

  “I may try the revolutionary agreement. I have a question, If I go for your top procedure, where do the personalities in the fluid dynamic chemical ooze come from?”

   “Thank you Sir, you will not be disappointed if you join our roll of honourable identity transformations.”

   “You didn’t answer my question, Mr Broker where does the ooze form and from whose personality?”

  “This is confidential information my friend, on both sides of the dividing line. Have no fear there will be no sudden surprises. Sign here for a new life and a new you. Well done you will not be disappointed! Step into this transformation unit and I will be back shortly to start things at once.”

There was a strange gurgling sound as the door to the unit closed behind him. He suddenly realised where the oozing personalities were from, as he began to feel himself drawn into a primeval chemical soup.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.