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PROMPT ~ Merely monsters


(Merely Monsters)

by John Yeo

   The  sky briefly turned pink after we’d experienced a short heavy shower of rain with high winds this afternoon. We had some storm damage last week and I lost a smallish tree from one of the borders. 

 I was busily staking up and giving some support to a couple of our shrubs today when I got caught in the rain. More high winds and heavy rain is forecast in the next couple of days. The problem is, this excessive rain, coupled with the high winds, weakens the root systems and there’s a danger of trees and shrubs getting blown over and uprooted. I have enjoyed taking care of our Camellia shrub which gets bigger and better every year. The winds have forced this 16 years old shrub to bend precariously and I’ve staked it with a double stake support. I also have a Forsythia that needed a supportive stake. This Forsythia shrub brings back some good memories to Margaret and I, as it was nurtured from a cutting we obtained from the garden of a very special lady who once lived in Bishops Stortford. I think as these  plants and trees reward us every year it’s worth spending time taking care of them.

   I also snapped a quick shot of a large pot of pink Nerines that are in full flower at the moment. 

This collage shows our beautiful Camellia and Forsythia shrubs in flower in early Spring.

© Written by John Yeo