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by John Yeo

“Oh! Come on Harry, the television is always on in the day-room, Phoebe Gertie and Rosy will be there all sitting in their usual chairs.”
Louise the ever-busy care assistant ushered Harry into the day room to find the ladies seated in their usual chairs. The television was on full blast as Rosy had a hearing problem, although she was fast asleep.

Phoebe was concentrating on her knitting, she looked up as Harry sat down and said, “Hallo you are new here. Welcome, I’m Phoebe and that is Rosy, she is fast asleep at the moment. That is Gertie in the corner, she never says a word to anyone, just nods and smiles all the time. Sad really, she was a Social Worker once.”

Harry nodded and blankly smiled, “I have a very important appointment but I have forgotten what it was, I will have to ask my secretary, she will remind me, she keeps all my appointments listed in the diary.”
Phoebe smiled and asked sympathetically, “Will your secretary bring your diary, when she comes to visit you? My family and friends used to visit, but they have stopped coming lately. Gertie’s husband used to come, but he passed away several months ago, and no one comes to see her now.”

Louise the care assistant bustled in with a tea tray and some minute slices of fruitcake, sliced very delicately and digestible to even the smallest palette.
Harry looked puzzled and asked her, “What is the time of my appointment?”
Louise was unsure exactly what he was referring to and smiled reassuringly.
“Don’t worry Harry, we will help you keep all of your appointments.”

Just at that moment, Rosy woke up with a start and started choking loudly.
“Have a cup of tea Rosy, take a sip of water, that will help or would you like some cough mixture?” Rosy quickly swallowed some water and looked around noticing Harry there, she exclaimed!
“Hallo are you visiting me? I am waiting for a message from my family. Have you come to see me?”

Louise grinned and said, “No Rosy, this is our new resident Harry, he has just arrived, to stay here with us.”
Harry looked at her closely and said, “Pleased to meet you here Rosy. I will not be here long as I have a very important appointment, but we will soon get to know each other. Are you on the back benches?”
Everyone looked at Harry strangely at that remark.
Phoebe frowned and whispered to Louise, “Is he alright? I hope he is not one of those bragging types who always pretend to be better than what they are.”
Louise said, “Don’t worry Phoebe, he is a lovely man when you get to know him.”
After Louise had left the day room with the dirty cups and saucers, Phoebe and Rosy could hardly wait to get to work on Harry to find out more.

Rosy was first to break the silence. “Harry, I used to be married to a diplomat and he travelled extensively working abroad, we spent a long time in India.”

“Oh! That’s interesting.” Harry replied, “I may have met him.”

At this point Phoebe interjected and said, “Yes, funnily enough both of us were civil servants. I worked in the house as a permanent secretary. What did you do Harry?”

“Well ladies, I haven’t got much time to go into details as I have a very important appointment, I must see my secretary soon.
I was Prime Minister once you know.

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