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Two ladders~Ermilia picture it and writeAs always the image is provided and credited by Ermilia

by John Yeo

I am the man at the door. “Welcome to death”. There are two routes to follow here, on the left we have the ladder to the top, the soft sturdy easy route to follow, usually travelled by those lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon. On the right there is the twisting turning care-worn difficult path, travelled by many. Here at death’s door you are presented with the choice. The decision is yours, whichever way you go is the continuation of your journey towards heaven and eternal life. I am here as your spiritual guide and I can only guide you to this point, nothing is ever easy, if you take the easy way out you may make a mistake, no-one has ever returned to tell the tale from either route. The hard way has many twists and turns, however both routes lead to the same place eventually, the choice is yours. 
 The majority of the people who have had soft easy lives and have continually taken questionable shortcuts along the way, take the soft easy option and use the ladder on the left, very few take the well-trod worn ladder on the right.
Not a single person sees the trapdoor under the ladder on the left that instantly sends them back to start the journey all over again.

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