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Sinister Sanatorium

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by John Yeo

The year was 1903. We lived in the heart of the City of London. I was quite a prosperous businessman and my wife who had a nursing background followed her own interests. We lived comfortably and shared much together.

I had been struck down with a persistent cough for several weeks. When I started coughing up blood, the doctor made his diagnosis and recommended I stay in a sanatorium. We visited several institutions and finally selected a well recommended hospital on the windy Cornish coastline. Fresh air was thought to be an essential part of the treatment. The isolated imposing building was perched on a cliff with the raging boiling sea stretching out in the front and very large grounds at the rear. Consumption was rife all over the country and the sanatoriums were full of people taking the cure with rest, exercise and fresh air for recuperation. Sadly many people died of the illness and were buried in a private cemetery in the grounds.

One day a body was discovered in suspicious circumstances in the gardens. The police were loathe to call and investigate and as it was thought death was imminent due to the nature of the illness, the death was almost hushed up. The patient was a Lord Raven, a very wealthy man and his relatives were very keen to get answers. They called in a private investigator, Marg, a very astute tough lady sleuth, who after completing her enquiries decided it was undoubtedly an inside job. Some days later when Lord Raven’s will was read, it became clear that her suspicions were correct as he had left all of his substantial wealth to the directors of the sanatorium. The police arrested the entire board of directors, and after many enquiries it was discovered this was a much larger operation, and past patients had donated millions to these crooks before their deaths in the remote sanatorium. It became clear there was a mysterious Mr Big in control, who lived across the Atlantic in Colorado.

Lord Raven’s family hired Marg to investigate and the chase goes on ~~~

( to be continued)


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