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Image supplied and credited by Emilia


by John Yeo

 Look here  youngster, I may be ancient, old fashioned and decrepit, but I have been along the trail and I survived. I got through the pitfalls and the side issues by trial and error, using my head and ignoring the wayside temptations.

 The trail is made up of a series of stepping stones, a well worn path that is bordered by much beauty and new experiences. The waysides of the main trail can easily lead the traveller along life’s road, astray.

 You are young, and you have a long way to travel.

Examine the stepping stones along life’s highway. Each is different, and has been worn in different areas. This represents the changing fortunes and broken hopes and aspirations of the journey. People leave, pass away, pass on, nothing is forever, eventually you will be travelling alone, exactly as you started. Nourish and nurture your close relationships, these will be important to you along the way. Eventually there will be nowhere else to turn to, and your closest friend will have been with you all the time, all the way.

The wayside can be an attractive place, new experiences, new excitements, new challenges. By all means youngster, stop and watch the flowers grow, there is no hurry to get to life’s next stepping-stone. Take advantage of your dynamics, take chances, but always take care of what you have, that which is important to you. Your fellow traveller, your closest and most enduring friend who cares for you and will continue to care for you every day of your life.

I know without thought, everything comes easy, the well worn path can be a boringly safe trail. There is more to life than you realise! There is no hurry to get to the end of the trail, another worn stepping stone will always be looming up on the horizon. Enjoy the journey, but take good care along the way. Smell the flowers and enjoy life’s nectar.

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