Picture it and Write~~BREAKDOWN!

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As usual the picture is supplied by Ermilia, and credited to Photo by mancity, http://www.printandroid.co.uk


Written by John Yeo


A very smooth journey, so far,

Much to our delighted surprise.

The aircraft was in very good shape,

Except for the occasional rattle.

A very smooth flight coming here,

Touch down smoothly, my fears subside.


Our hired car was not so great,

A banger that had seen many a battle.

A really good scenic route by car,

Through the hot dry desert, how time flies.

A rattle, a bang, then sad to relate,

Smoke is pouring from an engine baffle.


We have broken down, very far

From the nearest town of any size,

We can only sit in the car and wait

The heat intense, we share the water bottle.

A convoy arrives and the leading car

Stops to help and to offer a ride


Our prayers are answered, we hesitate

To think there is danger in the offer.

Then beaten and robbed by the thugs

We are stripped of all we possess.

Then left stranded in the desert

Death comes as no surprise. Slowly.


Re-awakening in the hospital,

I lie awake from my dream and decide,

I must question the doctor about the state,

Of my mind since my nervous breakdown.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved


HOLD The…………..

by John Yeo


Many passengers sharing a long-haul flight across the globe.
A darkened atmosphere.
Day turned into night.

An undercurrent of sound.
A babble,
A torrent of voices in a vacuum.
What is under discussion.

A flood of unidentified thought,
Mostly inconsequential,
Minds deprived.
Stimulus provided by a small screen in front of the eyes.

To a highly gifted sensitive mind,
Deprived of sensory stimulus,
Are these telepathic thoughts, voiced?
Or are they vocalised undercurrents?

Sitting in a cramped row of seats
In front of an illuminated screen,
Time drags on.
The sound continues unabated.
Sound delivered through a headset.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.