Ermilia~ Picture it and Write 14/04/2014

This is the latest picture it and write exercise from Ermilia’s  blog

Picture and Write Back~

Sometimes things  get even worse  than they appear and I would like to disappear into infinity. My whole body like a chameleon, changes appearance to meld and blend with my surroundings. This is the ultimate form of camouflage a reflex reaction to any form of danger real or imagined. A plasticity of my bodily material that enables me to become any shape or form that I imagine myself to be. I will become a wall that shuts out things from view on both sides of it’s existence. All my cares and the impending dangers are then shut from my consciousness and no longer exist for me.

In reality I wear a covering in the form of a jumper that I can put on or pull off at will, thus controlling the visual impact of my appearance in front of a brick wall. This is the origin of physical camouflage,  mental camouflage is real and very common.

Written by John Yeo  Copyright (c) All rights reserved.