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Prompt ~ CRANK


 by John Yeo 

  ‘I tell you he’s a cranky old buzzard! Every time one of the local’s dogs pulls on the lead and steps onto his front lawn, he races out of the front door yelling his head off; cursing and waving his arms around. Why doesn’t he invest in a fence alongside the path? In my view, he ought to be locked up before he resorts to violence!’

   Mrs. Manners was annoyed and sounding off at PC Bott. 

    ‘Hmm!’ Said the Constable thoughtfully:  ‘You say he charges out of his door shouting? Has he ever made any direct threats of violence, or actually attacked anyone?’

   ‘Not that I know of,’ replied Mrs. Manners. ‘I will certainly ask around; lots of the neighbours here are fed up with the old rascal.’

  ‘Well, Mrs. Manners, I will have a word with him about this threatening behaviour and see what he has to say, but that is all I can do.’

  ‘I hope you won’t mention my name Constable, I don’t want any trouble, he’s probably mad at me since my husband went for him with a car crank handle. Purely in self-defence, you understand.’

  ‘Your husband did what? Exactly what do you mean by self-defence?’ asked the police officer, suddenly stern in his manner.

    Mrs. Manners hesitated for a moment before she said with tears in her eyes. ‘Well, it happened this morning: Our little doggie Poochie, pulled on the lead as we passed the property, and did his business on the old man’s lawn. I always pick the droppings up with a plastic bag. There was the usual terrible reaction as the old man came charging at me shouting and swearing. My husband had been trying to start the car with a crank handle and as the madman came rushing towards him he hit him with the crank handle.’

  ‘Don’t worry Mrs. Manners, I’ll deal with this: Is your 

husband home? I will need him to be here.’

    ‘Yes Constable: He’s indoors, he will be a great help with your enquiries.’

   The policeman took a deep breath and picked his radio up! 

  ‘Can I have backup, urgently please!’

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 28th December 2015 ~ FEARLESS FANTASIES

Fearless Fantasies

The Eye

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 28th December 2015 ~ Fearless Fantasies



by John Yeo

   “Tell me about the fearless Peter Strong, the man the victim copied.” Asked the investigating officer abruptly.

     “Oh Yes! I tell you the man is trouble! Last week he strolled into a den full of hungry lions! Yes really, lions! He walked out unscathed too. The lions took one look and yawned, as if he was one of them.”  

  “Hmm!” Murmured the police officer, “You say he is a character who is afraid of nothing, and he will do anything for a dare, to make money!”

   “That’s right officer, the man is a total nutcase, capable of any trick in the book. Until that lion stunt, we were all sure he used a lot of trickery to fool the audience. No-one would ever suspect that a fool would try to copy the stunt.”

   “How did the victim get into the cage?” Asked the policeman curiously.

 “We don’t know! He must have got hold of a duplicate key from somewhere. They say he was bragging to his friends that the lions were toothless. He actually invited them to watch as he entered the cage, then the lions tore him to pieces. So much for fearlessness. The two witnesses are in total shock, incapable of answering any questions right now.”

  “Where can I find this Strong fellow?”

  “Certainly in the White Horse pub at this time, Peter Strong is a man of regular habits, he always drinks there.”

The pub was empty as the policeman arrived.

“Where is everybody?”  he asked the barman curiously.

   “Down at the mere! Watching that fearless fool Peter Strong, trying to walk on water! That’s a broiling tumultuous whirlpool, he has no chance of coming out of this alive!”

   Just at that second a crowd of people entered the bar, following a tall enigmatic looking man, who was grinning from ear-to-ear.

 “The drinks are on me everyone! I’ll collect your losing bets later!”

There was a stunned silence at first, then everyone crowded around the bar ordering various drinks.

 The officer grinned in recognition. “Ah! Harry the hypnotist, as I live and breathe. I know you well! Our paths have crossed before. I guessed mass hypnosis was the only answer. I am sure the man who knows no fear has no fear of going to prison, for fraud and causing death by false pretences.”

Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

Hosted by Priceless Joy.

The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by


by John Yeo

Officer Tom was puzzled at the disappearance of the owner of the cycle.
“Look!” said Mary Jones, “It must belong to some one. It’s been leaning up against that lamp-post for days! I think someone got off, climbed the wooden stairs, then just disappeared.”
“Hmm!” Police Constable Jones proceeded to write something in his notebook, then he asked, “Where do the stairs lead?”
“Up to the roof,!” replied Mary. “Why would anyone want to climb up to my roof?”
“Ah! I had better take a look on that roof.”
Soon an ambulance and a police car arrived. Two paramedics carried a figure on a stretcher down the stairs to the ambulance and he was taken to hospital followed by the police car.
Officer Tom then congratulated Mary.
“Madame, you have just saved the life of a peeping Tom. He had a serious fall on the rooftops a few days ago and was unable to move following a broken leg. He had some very expensive telescopes, and an amazing assortment of women’s underwear up there.

(175 WORDS),

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved