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by John Yeo

(A continuation of the misshapen reality of Bob and Lil)

   After a long examination of both Bob and Lil with many questions, the Doctor had this to say to Bill.

     ‘I’m sorry to say, I suspect your parents are both in the early stages of dementia. They are both living under the influence of a misshapen reality, it’s unusual for a married couple to both suffer together. The misshapen reality usually applies to one or the other. Interestingly they are both living in the same timeframe located many years ago when these friends they invited to the party were still alive.’

  Bill and his wife Pattie were shocked at this development, although they were not entirely surprised, as they had both begun to notice some odd behaviour by the couple lately.

    Bill’s first response was to ask Dr Blake, ‘What happens next?’

   ‘Well; there will have to be more tests before the final diagnosis and we will have to await a report from a consultant. Meanwhile the family will have to ensure they are both continuing to manage to look after each other.’

  The family, of course, was ready to rally round and everyone sat down and began to discuss the arrangements of looking after Bob and Lil.

   ‘That’s not a very nice eightieth birthday present for Bob!’ exclaimed Lil.

  ‘No, and we don’t want any family being nosey and interfering in our lives.’ responded Bob.

   There was a sudden unexpected knocking at the front door. Bob opened the door to a short, dark-haired gentleman, in a grey suit, carrying a black briefcase, beaming, with a wide smile.

   ‘Hallo; Mr. Robert Simkins? I’m Agent Million!  I’m delighted to inform you that your premium bond number has been drawn and you are the lucky winner of one million pounds.’

   ‘That’s great news!’ said Lil, ‘Which one is it? We both have an old £1 bond each. I’ll go and find them, we keep them in the kitchen drawer, they’ve been there for 20 years.’

   Agent Million was stunned to hear this, ‘You mean you have won a million pounds from an investment of £1 on a twenty-year old  bond you keep in the kitchen drawer?’

  ‘Yes that’s right! Now, that’s the sort of birthday present Bob deserves.’

  Several months later, after this incredible windfall was safely invested, the dreaded diagnosis arrived and Bob and Lil went off to stay in a luxury care establishment, where they lived happily beyond bliss together for over 10 years, absolutely in tune with each other.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


MONDAY 8th JUNE 2020



‘Tell the story of what you imagine your close friends would do if they won the lottery.’


by John Yeo

    Arthur and Angela  lived their lives happily together, drifting into their later years with deep loving feelings for each other. They were close at the beginning of their relationship and they just continued to become closer and closer as the years went by. When they first met they were both players of the National Lottery and both had their own personal sets of numbers. They decided to continue playing with these numbers jointly and set up a standing order at the bank to defeat the problem of remembering to pick the weekly ticket up. Strangely enough they had both played their individual numbers for years, based on family birthdays and other memorable dates that had affected their lives before they met each other. They both played two lines, twice a week and it was just a case of marrying the entries together. Mystical, magical thinking on both sides, decided these numbers mustn’t change as they would never forgive themselves if one of the lines came up and they missed the jackpot. They certainly never considered stopping playing as they were aware that once they stopped they would never be able to win. As online players they were automatically informed by email if any of their numbers came up.
  One day they received an email that informed them there was news about their Lottery ticket. Excitedly they logged onto their online Lottery account to discover they had won a £25:00 prize and the money would be paid into their bank account.
They had indeed won the lottery, not enough to radically change their lives. They now had to decide what to do with this unexpected windfall. Foreign holidays or new cars were certainly out of the question.
  They decided to blow the lot on a meal out together, even though the winnings would hardly pay for a posh restaurant meal, perhaps they could manage a Fish and Chip supper together at home.
While they were happily discussing their options the front doorbell sounded and Angela opened the door to a man in a smart pin striped suit and a red, white and blue tie.
‘Good Morning, I’m Mr. White, I’m extremely pleased to inform you that you’ve won one million pounds first prize with your Premium Bond, number ******************.
They were both stunned to hear the news that they’d finally come up with the top prize on an old bond that they had held for years.
As Arthur and Angela were eating their Fish and Chip supper the following Saturday evening, they were busy dividing up the Premium Bond winnings between their family on paper.
The next morning they received another email from the National Lottery, with news about another winning ticket??

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.