First 50 words~ My Secret Place


By John Yeo

(1) ~ The Gateway.

I know a private secret place,
That is almost impenetrable to all,
I can alter the vistas and rearrange,
The outlook and furnish my private space,
With dreams and schemes and imagination,
I am careful of the contents, How much I reveal
I carry my secret place wherever I find
Some stimulation for my fertile mind.

(2) ~ The Entrance.

A waterfall guards the entrance
Of a tunnel to a valley beyond.
As you arrive at the end, two Peacocks
Gaze and welcome you to their home.
Streams and brooks with Swans gliding,
A Centaur waits to carry you on his back
To share the pleasure of a magical mind
As you explore this special secret place.

A closely guarded secret place, far too complex to reveal in the “first 50 words”.

Copyright  ©  ~Written by John Yeo All rights reserved