This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

The uncontrolled power of wild stormy nights

Thunder and lightning, patterns of force,

The ever-changing, moving, powerful highlights.


Wind blown trees bending, tearing the heights,

Relentlessly moving, rough high discourse,

The uncontrolled power of wild stormy nights.


Torrents of sweeping rain, swirling, excites

A harsh, wind overpowering, relentless force,

The ever-changing, moving, powerful highlights.


A dark mass of cloud extinguishing night lights,

Rough high thunderstorms spume the course,

Of the uncontrolled power of wild stormy nights.


 Unrestrained wind power the lightning ignites

Flashes of electrical beauty without recourse

The ever-changing, moving, powerful highlights. 

High drama unfolding, power rising and falling

Swirling, untameable with unrelenting force,

The uncontrolled power of wild stormy nights, 

The ever-changing, moving powerful highlights.

Copyright by John Yeo © All rights reserved



This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below..

PROMPT ~ Merely monsters


(Merely Monsters)

by John Yeo

   The  sky briefly turned pink after we’d experienced a short heavy shower of rain with high winds this afternoon. We had some storm damage last week and I lost a smallish tree from one of the borders. 

 I was busily staking up and giving some support to a couple of our shrubs today when I got caught in the rain. More high winds and heavy rain is forecast in the next couple of days. The problem is, this excessive rain, coupled with the high winds, weakens the root systems and there’s a danger of trees and shrubs getting blown over and uprooted. I have enjoyed taking care of our Camellia shrub which gets bigger and better every year. The winds have forced this 16 years old shrub to bend precariously and I’ve staked it with a double stake support. I also have a Forsythia that needed a supportive stake. This Forsythia shrub brings back some good memories to Margaret and I, as it was nurtured from a cutting we obtained from the garden of a very special lady who once lived in Bishops Stortford. I think as these  plants and trees reward us every year it’s worth spending time taking care of them.

   I also snapped a quick shot of a large pot of pink Nerines that are in full flower at the moment. 

This collage shows our beautiful Camellia and Forsythia shrubs in flower in early Spring.

© Written by John Yeo

Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 2nd JANUARY 2016 ~ NOW

Write Here, Write Now

Write Here, Write Now
Write a post entirely in the present tense.


Image from the net ~


by John Yeo

    I have been consigned to this field by Farmer Jones since yesterday morning. I have to be vigilant in my work which is easy. I just stand here with my arms on utstretched, wearing this silly hat dressed in rags. I don’t like the look of that sky above me, those black clouds have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I don’t like working in the rain, there was a slight shower yesterday afternoon and the rain was trickling down my clothes. I will hate to be standing here in the thick of a storm with the wind blowing, lightning and thunder crashing, getting soaked by the pouring rain.

    I have to stand here as a deterrent, I try to look fearsome and scary. This is what I do, that is what I have been created to do. Farmer Jones sowed his seed in this field yesterday in the morning, now a whole flock of pigeons are over there, with gulls and rooks gorging themselves on this free food. I am standing here to scare them off, but they are not fooled at all, in fact one bird has just flown off after leaving a horrible white mess on my hat. Under my feet where I stand, there is a whole earthy world of wriggling worms, slimy slugs, spiders, beetles and bugs. I have seen the birds eating masses of these and not touching the seed at all, I hope the farmer doesn’t find out, or I will quickly be out of work.

    Oh! No, please go away you lazy old crow, leave the straw in my body alone. I refuse to become part of your nest. There are two of them now pecking away and stealing my stuffing to breed. Help! Leave me alone. you crazy vermin it’s a good job scarecrows don’t bleed.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Picture it and Write ~ DRAMA IN THE NIGHT

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog

Ermilia Fire escape

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

The silence of darkness had fallen swiftly over the cold unfeeling city. The silence was never truly felt as the distant sounds of police sirens and ambulances or fire engines was always a song in the background. He pulled his collar up and tightened the scarf around  his neck, the night had drawn in quickly and brought a sudden drop in the temperature.

 He could hardly wait to get to his destination, his mind drooling over the sight he would be enjoying yet again. Suddenly with a hissing screech, a black cat crossed his path. 

‘Wow! You made me jump pussy,’ He thought, ‘Still as the old saying goes a black cat is lucky.’

 He continued through the back streets of the city, he knew exactly where he was going, a frisson of excitement electrified his nerves as he got closer to his usual  viewing point. 

 A sudden shower of rain began, as he reached the iron fire escape and began to climb the metal steps. 

 ‘I will have to be very careful, it would be so easy to slip and fall.’ He thought, as he climbed to the top.

 He opened his backpack and drew out a pair of binoculars then he focused on the surrounding windows.

 ‘Hey! The big blonde is almost in her birthday suit, as pretty as the day she was born, except she’s much more curvaceously mature now.’

 His vivid tortured imagination went into overdrive. 

Another wide sweep of the windows and he whistled softly to himself as a couple were taking advantage of the privacy of their apartment without drawing the curtains. 

‘They must feel safe with just the bare walls of an office building opposite.’ 

 He smiled to himself and adjusted the optical lens to zoom in on them.

 Then he suddenly caught sight of a horror stricken face staring straight at him from one of the windows.

 ‘Oh! I have been spotted, I better get out of here fast.’

 He ran as fast as he could, slipping down, almost falling down the iron fire escape that was still damp from the rain.

 A distant police siren screamed, then another responded and as they got closer the echoes became louder.

 He reached almost to the bottom of the fire escape then jumped and melted into the shadows as two police cars raced up with lights blazing and a squeal of brakes.

 His heart beating fast, almost stopped as a hand grasped his shoulder, he turned and found himself staring into a pair of steel~grey eyes above a clerical collar.

 ‘You need help my son, give yourself up, I am with you, We will face your future together.’

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


First 50 Words~In the Garage


The rain was pelting down and it was freezing cold. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus to take me to work. A friend driving by, shouted. “Hi John, where is your car? ” Through gritted teeth, I replied. “In the garage, getting repaired!” Then I thought to myself, I will give up food before I give up my car!

Written by John Yeo ©