SUNDAY 19th JULY 2020

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below..


by John Yeo

    Grandma Rawlings was an invalid permanently confined to her bed. Little Mary and Peter went for a visit and dashed into her bedroom carrying gifts and sat on the side of her bed.

     ‘Hallo Granny! They chorused, ‘How are you feeling today?’

    ‘Fine thanks, you two. Have you been behaving yourselves and being nice to everyone?’

   Peter replied, ‘Of course Grandma! We got caught in a shower on the way here, but the sun was shining at the same time.’

   Mary laughingly butted in and said, ‘Hey Granny! Did you see the lovely rainbow today?  It was huge and spread right across the sky.’

   ‘Don’t be silly Mary, that’s not very nice. Your Granny has to stay in bed all of the time. However can she see the rainbow outside?’ Interrupted their Mother, who had just entered the bedroom with a tray containing tea and biscuits.

   ‘Oh! Don’t worry dear! Don’t blame the children. They’ll never understand that however good they are, niceties don’t bring rainbows.’

    At that point their Father smiled and said, ‘Oh yes they do! Look here,’ Then he produced his mobile phone with a beautiful photograph of the rainbow.

   The old lady’s face lit up.  ‘Oh Thanks!,  That’s nice!’ 

© Written by John Yeo