Picture it and Write~Rebuilding and Reshaping

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Reshaping and reconstruction

By  John Yeo
The layers of the mind reflect in the images that the facial front presents to the world. Very deeply in the innermost layer, lie the feelings that we are reluctant to share with the world.
Sarah had a plasticity that was uncontrollable. Happy news would bring floods of tears to her eyes and she found a pleasant experience, very sad. When she was angry a huge smile would light up her face and she would have great difficulty in expressing her anger. One day a huge dog attacked her in the park and she started to laugh uncontrollably. The blood spurting from a wound in her leg, brought gales of laughter as she was transported to hospital by ambulance.
After treatment in the Accident and Emergency department, Sarah was examined by a phsychiatrist, who arranged some appointments to treat her very deeply embedded, contrary expression of her innermost feelings.
Over the next several months the phsychiatrist uncovered each individual facet of her personality and re-adjusted the facial front to some semblance of normality. This process took many months as Sarah’s personality and reactions to outside events, were reconstructed through therapy.
By re-building and re-integrating each individual face that made up her personality, Sarah’s life became peaceful and full of hearts and flowers.

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