I’ve decided to switch my attention to another prompt provider, perhaps with more challenging prompts. So far I have completed three months of my New Years resolution to complete a writing prompt every day. A wonderful exercise during lockdown.

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘The Daily Post on WordPress’  

Prompt ~ THE SOCIAL NETWORK . Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?


by John Yeo

  The problem with responding to this prompt is the wide-ranging area of the question. I am sure everyone who experiences both the benefits and the negative aspects of social media would have a different view.

  My first introduction to this; at the time, a hazy, mysterious world, was through one of our daughters who was working on an Open University degree and suggested we join Facebook. I think we both have a lot to thank her for, as from that day, we have both embraced the online social media circle in many ways.

 To go back to the first part of the question, I would have to say I certainly do ‘get’ the benefits of social media and also I ‘get’ the prospect of the hidden dangers.

  The main positive factor has always been instant communication with the family wherever in the world they have settled. The sharing of photographs and comments both enables one to literally watch their children growing up in real time.

  A huge benefit to me has been the making of many interesting international friends who have helped me enormously with my writing. 

  Social media has a lot of hidden dangers only counteracted by whatever one reveals to the world of online respondents.


by John Yeo

The question is, ‘Do you ‘get’ Social Media at all?’

It’s the word, ‘get’ that triggers some mild anxiety,

At first the presentation is designed to enthral.


The feeling of a timeline on your very own wall,

Communicating with your friends and family,

The question is, ‘Do you ‘get’ Social Media at all?’


Friends suddenly appear to test your ultimate recall

Stretching the limits of your personal privacy,

At first the presentation is designed to enthral.


Mention a product, start a search, begin to trawl,

Soon your wall contains adverts in a great variety

The question is, ‘Do you ‘get’ Social Media at all?’


Your close friends and family reveal their almost all

Reminders appear of many an upcoming birthday,

At first the presentation is designed to enthral.


The twists and turns of opinion can often apall

Despite a feeling of fellowship and friendly society,

At first the presentation is designed to enthral,

The question is, ‘Do you ‘get’ Social Media at all?’


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


   A prompt response for Master Class ~ Assignment ~ BRAZEN WHISPERS




by John Yeo

    “I know what to do to turn this company around without too much effort and at a minimal cost. We need to lie about our performance. We need to attract money by polishing up the performance statistics.”

 The board meeting was suddenly quiet at this amazing statement.

    “That’s possible but the market will not react too strongly unless we can back our statements up with facts.” replied Erickson, the company accountant.

   “Sir surely exaggerated lying is immoral, and against the current financial policy!” Alice Stevens a long-standing member of the board interjected.

 At that precise moment, there came a knock at the door and a smartly dressed lady entered the boardroom, pushing a tea trolley laden with delectable cakes and assorted beverages and soft drinks.

     “OK! Thanks, Mavis: We will take a break now everyone.” said the chairman.

 Mavis left the drinks trolley and returned to the kitchen.

    “Bill, I was eavesdropping at the door and I overheard that prissy Miss Stevens say our company is immoral. What do you think of that?” Mavis excitedly said to the office manager, who just happened to be hanging around the kitchen.

     “I wouldn’t be surprised Mavis, I have heard that she is living in sin with two illegitimate children. I wouldn’t, put anything past that lot. The Managing Director is gay; my friend Marvin saw him coming out of a gay club one night last week.” retorted Bill with a wicked gleam in his eye.

    “No! Really, Bill, I haven’t heard that before.”

   “Yes! A lot goes on behind the staid appearances portrayed by this crowd of crooks.” Bill responded.

  At that moment a telephone rang and Mavis was summoned to clear away the used cups. As she approached the door a voice from within was saying.
    “If we sell our shares on a high we will all become wealthy overnight, and we can abandon the sinking ship.”
Mavis stood transfixed, she recognized that voice as coming from the throat of Mr. Blenkinsop the company secretary.

 Mavis knocked and entered the room, after removing the dirty crockery, she quietly closed the door, then loitered outside and listened.

     “What about our loyal employees?” asked the familiar voice of Stephen Wilcox, a founder member of the company.

    “Don’t worry Stephen, they will not be our problem if we sell the company!” responded Erickson the accountant.

  At that moment a loud voice sounded at the end of the corridor.             “Mavis! Get along to the kitchen you are blocking the corridor.” This was Pete the security guard, doing his rounds.

     “Hi, Pete! I have just heard we are all going to be taken over by a large company and probably get the sack. I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation.”

     “Really Mavis! I think we will have to let the workers know something is up. I will post this on Twitter. All our colleagues have a Twitter account.”

    “Good idea Pete, everyone should know. Apparently, we are working for an immoral company. God knows what else they are getting up to!”


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.