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by John Yeo

  Jason Spriggs was a third year psychology student at Welchester University. He was 20 years old, 5’ tall, with a shaved head and deep set brown eyes. He was a hard worker and was no stranger to burning the midnight oil. Most of his friends considered him to be good fun and he was a bit of a party animal. He had a habit of burning the candle at both ends.

  It was the weekend and although he had had little sleep Jason woke early in the morning: Suddenly. He vaguely remembered being part of a horrible scenario in his dream. It was difficult to remember exactly what he’d been dreaming about. There was just this terrible feeling of latent fear connected to his actual sense of self. Try as hard as he might, he hardly remembered a single thing that had contributed to this feeling of abject fear. He stumbled out of bed and rushed into the bathroom to answer an urgent call of nature. While he was washing his hands he glanced into the bathroom cabinet mirror. To his horror there was nothing there, just the wall behind him opposite the mirror. He shouted Help! at the top of his voice and Mary and Peter his fellow college housemates came running.

   ‘What’s up Jase?’ enquired Mary in a panic. ‘Why are you screaming?’

   ‘Calm down Jason or you will be arrested for breaching the peace and exceeding the allowable noise levels,’ quipped Peter, ‘They’re extremely hot on noise pollution in this area.’

   Mary tutted and pushed Peter to one side. ‘Don’t be cruel Pete. What’s the problem Jason?’

   Jason rubbed his eyes and looked at them. ‘Am I here? I must be visible to you, but I have lost my reflection. I just looked in the mirror and there’s nothing there. No reflection at all. I had a terrible frightening dream and I just got an empty reflection when I looked in the mirror.’ 

 Peter grinned and reminded him of his consumption of alcohol the night before. ‘Maybe you’re still suffering the effects of the wine and booze you put away yesterday. Have another drink and take another look in the mirror. The hair of the dog technique; never fails to reset the mind. As psychology students we are all aware of the tricks of perception.’

  Mary nodded and rushed off to empty the dregs of several wine bottles that were lying around the house. ‘Here Jase, drink this and look in the mirror again.’ They both knew this was another piece of psychological treatment using the power of suggestion.

 Jason quickly swallowed the contents of the proffered glass and looked in the mirror again.

 At first the glass was cloudy but he was soon relieved to see his reflection slowly appear where there had recently been an empty reflection.

  Peter grinned and said. ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?’

  They all collapsed together, curled up into fits of laughter.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved 



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by John Yeo

     Rod and Al were the best of friends, they met at public school, and were star pupils in their year, both obtaining above average grades. A bright future was predicted for these two privileged students  The two friends were both studying Law together at University. Carefree days that seemed to be stretching out forever. Rodney’s father was a Member of Parliament and Alastair came from a wealthy family of landed gentry.

    Before long they were courting and sowing their wild oats, they both enjoyed substantial allowances from doting proud parents. Money was no object and the fine wine flowed, good food was savoured, and love blossomed and died many times. In spite of this, their studies were going well and they were on track to obtain very good results when they graduated.

  Then out of the blue, along came a phone call from an old friend of Rods, an ex-girlfriend Geraldine. The tearful call was an urgent cry for help, and went something like this.

     “Hey Rod! Gerry here! How are you? I’ve just discovered I’m pregnant. You will be a Father in July. We must get together and discuss what we’re going to do about this. You have always been the only one for me!”

    Rod was stunned at this and immediately got on to Alastair who ridiculed the whole notion, actually referring to Geraldine as an easy ride, who was in the process of trying to take him for a ride.

    Rod was too ashamed to ask for help from his Father and approached Geraldine demanding proof. Geraldine just laughed in his face and demanded money from him in an attempt to blackmail him into paying for a private termination.

    That night Rod and Al went out on the town together, and after a long pub crawl they were heavily under the influence of alcohol when they were approached by two police constables on foot.

     Al then drunkenly made an unwise statement. “I smell bacon!” There was a few minutes silence as the effect and the dual meaning of this remark sunk in to all present.

    Soon they were both under arrest for being drunk and disorderly in a public place, and were shown into a cell at the local police station. They were interviewed and huge repercussions would surely follow, as this arrest could jeopardise their careers, if they were charged and their parents were involved.

   Al immediately apologised to the police officers involved  who decided this was an out of character remark, and advised them to stay out of trouble. Rod explained the background to the story and received a sympathetic response from the lady Constable behind the station desk.

  Then another surprise awaited them as they were leaving, Geraldine was led into the police station. Rod was shocked to learn the so-called Mother of his unborn child. was a hooker using her wits to pay her way through University.

  As they left the police station, Rod and Al shoved all the folding money they were carrying, into a charity box marked, “Police Widows and Orphans Fund.”

  In spite of the ‘Unstatement’, that Al had erased, and Geraldine’s ‘Unstatement’, of impending motherhood exonerating Rod. The two young men became top lawyers and went on to enjoy successful unblemished careers. Geraldine went on to become a very wealthy celebrity model.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved





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by John Yeo

  “The storage facility is endless a huge area of space that can accommodate millions of dreams! ”
The supervisor of the facility was outlining the future to a class of sleepy students all suffering the effects of the morning after the night before.
   “How do the dreams get translated into a medium that is able to process them and put them into storage?” Enquired Smart Alec a sceptical student who perpetually lived in a dream world.
  “Translation is a method where the morning memories of dreams gone before are recalled, related, then preserved in a cloudy aura of perspicacity. The accumulated ideas form a whole dream that is available and stored in cloud storage!” The Supervisor went on. “The average unenlightened general public’s attitude to following a dream is to access the cloud through the entrances from cloud cuckoo-land.”
   “I have been informed that following a seemingly impossible dream it is possible to walk about with your head in the clouds! Is this a way to access the dreams in cloud storage?” Enquired a dozy voice from the back of the room.
  The supervisor sighed, “Sometimes the clouds can be so dense as to preclude access to the storage at all! The whole idea of cloud storage is to have instant access to your treasured documents and photographs instantly. The cloud storage is limitless.”
     “How secure is the data that is stored in these unpredictable clouds? Surely interference from electrical storms can interfere with the signals and interrupt the data processing. Can the unwary depositor of dreams be exposed to an unscrupulous hacker stealing in under cloud cover?” Asked a sleepy voice from the front row.
   “The encryption of the cloud-pathway into the cloud storage facility is absolutely secure. There are no known instances of one set of dreams stored in cloud-storage, contaminating another set of individual dreams.” Came the reply from a cloud-manager.
  The supervisor and on-line security expert both nodded at one another in agreement with these words.

  Then a very loud clanging of an alarm bell broke into my dream as my morning call on my mobile phone sounded. I woke instantly with the thought that I must set up a cloud storage system on my computer to preserve my memory for everyday computing.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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Picture it and Write ~ THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS

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by John Yeo 

I will wait for you always. This river runs through the very heart of the city to the sea. The evening sun lights up and reflects beautifully on every ripple on the water. I come here to think and dream of the day you will return.

I grew up in this city where many dreams come true and many more dreams are shattered on the rocks of ill-fortune. My family came here as refugees from a horrendous war, when they made this city their home. They worked very hard to set up a business to raise their children in safety. We did have a happy childhood, in spite of the roughness of the concrete jungle that our neighbourhood became, we adjusted and fitted in.

Then I left school and you and I met each other in college, you were a visiting student from a land far, far away. We fell deeply in love and you promised to marry me one day. We lived, loved and laughed our way through college where we both passed our exams with honours. When your visa ran out you were forced to return to your home.

I will always wait, hoping and praying for your safe return to me. We will marry and be free of all the ties and chains of our parents differing religious views.

One day you will return, then like two free flying doves our spirits will soar and rise above the prejudice and hatred that mars this world.

Come back soon! My love.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved