Sunday Photo Prompt 25/02/2019

The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the photo prompt.

Photo Credit: C. E. Ayr


by John Yeo

I just wonder if this will be the one, the train my destiny will be on. I have stood on this platform many times during this last month since I received the last letter to say you would be coming home. I hate the thought of this crazy Afghan war, separating us any longer. I wish I’d never applied to join the forces to serve our country. I guess I was caught up in the patriotic fervour that swept the country, whipped up by stirring stories in the media. I was shocked when I discovered I was judged unfit for service and even more so when you informed me with a smile, that you’d applied and been accepted. I knew you were a special person when I asked you to be my wife, I never expected women to be allowed to serve, even Nurses. I have prayed for your survival every day since that terrible moment you were hit by a snipers bullet when you were desperately trying to save a life. Our separation has been excruciatingly painful and I’ve missed you and thought of you every single minute.
Please come home safely my darling fiancée!

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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