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by John Yeo

The sun rises in a blaze of magenta coloured glory,

All over the earth

Children are born and breathe life.

The sun circles the globe bringing warmth, 

Survival and intellectual growth.


People live, love, bathe in the rays 

A life begins as the sun starts the day

Lighting the clouds and bringing.

Birth, Life, Joy,

 Tears, Sadness, Happiness.


 A magical magenta twilight heralds the sunset, 

‘You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad’

One dreads a magenta sunrise 

when the daybreak arrives.


Depression when the balance of the mind is upset,

The day seems black, nothing to feel,

Night brings sleep and stilled thought.

‘You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad.’

Happiness, when the balance is in harmony,

The day is full of sadness with care and black thought.

The sunset brings magenta twilight when sadness retreats,

‘You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad.’


© Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.

‘You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad.’ 

 A quote from  ‘The Little Prince’ written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Image was a screenshot I took from the English Heritage live video.



by John Yeo

  Today is Midsummer day and the celebration of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, in Wiltshire. I’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of experiencing this amazing sight in reality. To my delight, English Heritage announced they would be setting up a live stream to enable people to view and virtually celebrate the Solstice at Stonehenge. We tuned in to YouTube and set the live video stream going. At first it seemed to be something of an anticlimax. The sky above the iconic stones was quite cloudy at 21:10; sunset was predicted to be a 21:27. There was no commentary but the camera occasionally panned around the standing stones. At one angle the setting solstice sun was quite bright and obviously the view from the other side was almost black, full of interesting evening shadows. I remarked to Margaret that it would probably feel quite uncomfortable if you were there alone.  

 The wealth of mysterious legends and fables based around Stonehenge are enough to fill the culpable mind full of awesome dread of Stonehenge. The Druids are a religious sect who once used Stonehenge as a temple, in fact I believe the modern day equivalent Druids still use the ancient stones. The famous sacrificial stone is a highlight of every visit, although there is no direct evidence it was ever used for sacrifice. 

  The sunset was incredibly dark and obscured by a cloudy sky. 

The sunrise in the morning will be at 04:52 and should certainly be more of a spectacle.

Sunday 21st June 2020

I woke up in time to view the live stream video of the sunrise over Stonehenge. The sun rose at 04:52 but unfortunately the sky was covered with thick clouds and the spectacular sunrise didn’t occur.

I snapped a screenshot from the live video. Sadly a gray dreary start.


Another screenshot of the unspectacular Summer Solstice sunrise.
I downloaded this image from the internet to remind me of things that might have been.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


A Prompt Response for Inspiration Monday


Image ©Copyright John and Margaret ~ All rights reserved.


Inspiration Monday: Cupcake Stealth / Glorious Monotony.

Like it or loathe it, I put two prompts together here. Some will say I should separate them~Stealthily subtract the Glorious Monotony from all Cupcake relations?




by John Yeo

  Nancy was a city slicker, a stock marketeer who bought and sold stock on the open worldwide market. The excitement of closing deals and making bids, sent her adrenaline levels through the roof.

  Nancy’s lifestyle was an incredible whirlwind of rubbing shoulders with the immensely rich and privileged people who frequented the social hotspots in many parts of the world.

  Everything went according to a well drawn, well perceived plan. Nancy had a personal portfolio that showed her to be a millionaire several times over on paper

 Many of the super rich trusted her judgement implicitly and she soon became the fashionable broker to deal with.

Before the stock market crash exploded and ripped the guts from the market, her world seemed indestructible.

Nancy began to have palpitations as realisation started to set in. Smelling the smoke before the fire took hold, Nancy collapsed in writhing pain.

  “Call an ambulance urgently!”  was the cry from the floor of the exchange.

  “A very important broker has collapsed in pain!” Shouted a bystander nervously.

 “CPR is being applied, by a trained, in-house, first-aider!”  Screamed an employee into the phone.

An ambulance magically appeared, almost before the call had finished. Nancy was taken aboard, hooked to machines, reviving gas and injections with medication applied.

  Nancy was rushed away fast. The ambulance siren cleared the way, all the way to a private airfield.

    Nancy was pushed into an aircraft that raced away to parts unknown.

  When the Market crashed later that day, many millions were lost. Curiously one portfolio survived the crash, through judicious clearing of stock.

   Nancy had disappeared! Never to return to her desk. Questions were asked in many quarters

How did she know? Instinct was the obvious reply.

Where had she gone? Most importantly: Why?

   Two years later a wedding took place on an exclusive privately owned Island.

In the glorious monotony of a sun-soaked lifestyle, one day looks exactly the same as the last.

The bride had a very familiar smile!  A high society marriage without any fuss. Just a few close associates, the groom was of Royal descent and insisted the wedding was kept hush-hush. A celebration without any fuss.

 His lovely wife smiled and directed the celebrations. In her own words to her loving husband, enjoying the glorious monotony of her clever shrewd brain. The new Bride said…..

“I have to laugh at the preparations, I will own up to how it all began.”


Her husband smiled indulgently.




by John Yeo

“I promised the chef we wouldn’t sample them.

Displayed on a four-tier cake-stand.

Iced delights in succulent splendour,

Red, and Blue icing with white runny cream.


The celebration was scheduled for ten.

The occasion was set to be frightfully grand.

Full of pomp and glamorous grandeur,

Covered with napkins frightfully clean.


We retired, sipping cocktails together, when

The afternoon didn’t quite go as planned

The chef, returning to view with wonder,

Suddenly startled us with a piercing scream.


A bundle of black and white fur left the kitchen

Followed by a chef, with rolling-pin in hand

Seeking restitution for a feline blunder

A clumsy kitten had destroyed the dream.


A pitiful pile of cupcakes half bitten,

Lay in a heap looking far from grand.

The chef  screaming with a face of thunder.

Cursing, swearing, venting his spleen.


As a supermarket helicopter stealthily arrived

Delivering  factory-made cupcakes.”


The royal couple watched the sunset, in a glorious dreamy monotonous haze, neither Bride or Groom desired the cupcakes.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



  I decided I would try to conjure up a piece of written work using a single word. I chose the word vista, and described a day at sea on a voyage aboard a sea-going ship.


Image © John and Margaret


by John Yeo

The watery view was endless, waves as far as the eye could see from the side of the ship to the far distant horizon or skyline. Where the sea meets the sky a natural black line separates the two. This is known as the water horizon. The foam-flecked waves were hypnotic, a cerulean blue that was the reflection of an almost cloudless sky on the wavy water below. Almost cloudless, except for the few straggling fluffy white clouds drifting freely, moving slowly as our ship sailed on.
Very few seabirds fly out this far, perhaps a few adventurous Gulls, always on the alert and on the hunt for food. These avian hunters usually fly out within reach of their colonies, especially during the breeding season. The closer to land our ship reaches the more birds are visible, following the vessel and congregating on the shore. On some very rare occasions a solitary migrating bird will land on board ship to rest and search for food or fresh water.
We encounter a number of other vessels on our way, mostly cargo ships piled high with containers. Much of the worlds goods for trade is now transported on board these huge ships. Sometimes we will encounter a small fishing vessel sailing out to follow the fishing routes, usually the closer to land the more small craft we will meet.
Suddenly there is a ripple as the waves seem to open naturally and a grey smooth, powerful, shiny, bottle-nosed dolphin, leaps to the surface from beneath the waves. Then another, and more, as a pair break the surface of the water together. This pod of dolphins numbers at least seven and their greyish blue glistening bodies shine as they leap above the surface of the sea, too fast and unpredictable to get a decent photograph.
Then the wind picks up and the waves get higher, rocking and rolling, testing the ships stabilisers. The beauty of the white-topped waves is clear, white foamy broiling waves with a dark grey reflection from the now stormy looking cloudy skies above.
As we travel through this almost endless vista of deep wavy water as far as the eye can see, the spray and bubbly spume from the now broiling almost stormy sea adds a dramatic frame to the hypnotic splendour of a very unforgiving picture. The mind seems to take flight into the depths beneath the surface, how many sunken ships from many centuries lie rusting and decaying beneath our modern vessel as we steam onwards to our destination? How many lives have been lost to this unmerciful, powerful sea?
The journey continues as the sun sinks beneath the distant horizon in a glorious orange red and golden sunset. This is a memorable beauty that can be preserved and the camera captures the magnificence for later re-living of this superb vista.
A silvery light then illuminates a much calmer sea as night falls, and a full moon lights up the night sky and the waves below, reflecting the moonbeams that now dominate the endless vista of the restless sea.


Image © John and Margaret

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.