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A prompt response for ~ Inspiration Monday: Soul Surgeon


by John Yeo

  Jim Greaves was a hard- bitten, been-around retired medical doctor. Jim had reached the age of honorable discharge from the health service and joined the ranks of silver-haired senior citizens.

   Retirement didn’t come that easy to Jim, he was no gardener, and the easy life of pints in the pub at lunchtime, with the doubtful, soul-destroying, excitement of daytime television, was beginning to bore him stiff.  

    When Jim took up golf, on the advice of his GP;  Mary his beloved wife of thirty years almost fainted away with relief at the news. Jim had become a bit of a nuisance, hanging around the house all day long and getting under her feet.

      “Why don’t you come and join the golf club, Mary?” Jim asked excitedly:

  Mary went white at this request, but she quickly recovered to coolly reply, “No thanks, Jim, I will try to catch up with the garden on the days you play golf.”

    Peter Danvers, another retired medic and Jim became golfing partners and firm friends. Both men were having difficulty settling into retirement, and when an unusual opportunity came up for some part-time health officers at London airport, both men jumped at the chance.

  Life at the airport was full of varied experiences and close contact with people from many parts of the world. 

  One memorable day, several members of the border patrol force were summoned to a remote part of the airfield to interview and process three strangely dressed individuals. They were bussed to the spot to find a small alien-looking craft surrounded by armed forces.

  The first individual, to be interviewed spoke perfect English, with a slight old-style, Anglo-Saxon accent, introduced himself as the leader of the party.

   “I am Merlin, we come in peace, from the recently resurfaced island of Atlantis. We are physicians of the inner regions, making good the damage done by polluted thinking and feeling. We come to offer surgery to save the souls of sentient beings.”

    “Can I see your papers?”  Asked the Chief Security Officer.

  At that precise moment, Jim Greaves and Peter Danvers collapsed unconscious on the tarmac. There was a panic as medics were called forward and began desperately trying to revive the two men. 

  There was a sudden silent liftoff as the three visitors re-boarded their craft in the general melee. 

   It proved impossible to bring the two men round to normality and they became soulless zombies, confined to a hospital.

  Until the day, exactly one year later they came round and related a tale of souls that could travel without the need of a body. The first recorded communication by Jim, was as follows.

    “ Bodies age and decay! Life is forever!”

  Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

(“If you provide me some wonderfully bizarre prompts Stephanie, the chances are you will read a bizarre response occasionally.”)




A prompt response for Inspiration Monday


by John Yeo

      Sally-Anne was always adamant that she would get her way, and she used every trick in her extensive repertoire of ploys, to engineer the result she wanted. Living the life of a picture-book that portrayed exactly the front she wanted the world to see, the world became her plaything.
 One sad day she was confined to the house with a severe lurgy, this dreaded lurgy kept her housebound and inactive for several months.
   Her doctor was at his wits end, trying to find the right combination of medication to counteract the infernal symptoms, but sadly, sharp-tongued Sally-Anne, didn’t respond to anything he prescribed.
         “Mrs. Wood,” he began, one memorable day, “I would like to try something really new; a revolutionary new treatment for this unusual variety of the dreaded lurgy, that we are battling against here.”
        “Yes please Doctor, anything to get my health and strength back again, my family are having to cope with my persistent problems.”
  Several days later she found herself on an operating-table, undergoing surgery performed by the world famous brain surgeon James Steele.
   The atmosphere could have been sliced with the proverbial butter knife! The manipulative madam had many underlying issues to contend with. Since heaven knows when, the problems with her ever-moving, ever mindful, reviewing and mistaken interpretation of many mundane issues had sadly overtaken the reality of her existence. Sally-Anne was a bright young woman who under normal circumstances would have gone a long way in life.
  The surgery was an incredible success and Sally-Anne became a well-respected, well-liked member of her community.
    Then one fateful day, her son started violin lessons at school and brought his instrument home to practice. Sally Anne was delighted and so proud of him.
   A few hours later, Sally-Anne idly picked the violin up and to her amazement, it felt familiar, as if it was an old friend. She began playing the most beautiful music, drawing her neighbours and people from the street to stop and listen.
     Word quickly spread around, and Sally-Anne eventually became a famous well loved violinist, respected the whole world over.
    The scientific community were incredulous and after much discussion it was decided that this was a wonderful accidental gift, an accidental side effect of her recent brain surgery.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.