Picture-it-and -Write~ The Survivor

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By John Yeo

 Eons ago when the Earth was young and in the process of development. Two tribes fought for supremacy, for the food and space to live on the planet, The Humans and the malicious, vicious brainless Hulks. The Humans wandered through the world leading peaceful lives, hunting and gathering just enough food for the survival of the tribe.

 The Hulks were a jumping race, who bounced through life like Kangaroos, trapping and slaughtering many animals in their travels, leaving blood-soaked carcases strewn across the earth. The Hulks would often try to capture and kill the Humans for sport. Usually they were outwitted by the superior brain-power and adaptability of the Humans.

 Then came the cold, freezing ice-age, many species were wiped out, as the ice settled over the planet and locked the land and food supply. The superior brainpower and adaptability of the Human race, allowed them to find ways to hunt and use skins of their prey for warmth. Many survived the devastating cold and a hardy race of Humankind settled to exist until the thaw came. The brainless Hulks were wiped out almost instantly, without the resources to adapt and survive, they were helpless against the extreme cold that locked the earth with an iron grip.

 Many centuries later scientists discovered a Hulk, frozen solid, on an undiscovered iceberg, that had suddenly risen from the depths of the sea. There was an uproar as it was discovered that we had the technology to defrost the body and bring the Hulk back to life. Religious leaders were up in arms against this unnatural interference with God’s will and the decision to go ahead was indefinitely postponed.

 Then it was reported that unknown thieves had broken into the ice-store and stolen the still ice-bound body. Rumour had it that a powerful organisation had transported the specimen to a private lab on a remote ice-field in the North,with the intention to bring the Hulk to life and clone and breed the offspring for sport.

 This gave rise to another theory that there had been some in-breeding between the Hulks and Humans before the ice age and some of the brainless traits of the long dead Hulks had survived and still existed in certain members of Humanity.

 Then shocking news was relayed around a stunned world that the Hulk had been brought back to life and was on the loose bouncing around the remote jungles of Peru, having been transported in a container vessel by unscrupulous villains intent on holding the world to ransom. 

 Many blood-soaked bodies have been discovered since, as it is suspected that the Hulk was paired with a native tribal woman producing many jumping offspring. Brainlessness has been reintroduced and is rapidly spreading throughout the civilised world.


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