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Prompt ~MINE BE


by John Yeo

   Jill was shaken by this incredible offer and replied. ‘Thanks for your faith in my abilities, I guess you have done your homework. I will certainly need time to think things through. Meanwhile as a possible candidate, can I suggest you cut the extra alcohol and alleviate the ache some other way. Relaxation or Yoga as opposed to burpee workouts.’…..

   Several days later, Jill was catching up with an old friend following a high power conference. Simone Leipzig was also a financial analyst, they’d known each other since college and this was a rare get-together. Simone was a slightly overweight lady, with blonde hair and grey eyes. She countered her height challenge by wearing extremely high heels and raised her hair with a high hairstyle. She also power-dressed with a slim grey striped two-piece suit, with unobtrusive, slightly padded shoulders.

   ‘Hi Jill! Lovely to see you, it’s been weeks. You’re looking so well, what’s your secret? What did you think about the downturn in the market valuation of these four major companies?’

   Jill grinned when she heard these quick-fire questions, she was aware of Simone’s sharp mind from their previous meetings.

  ‘I’m fine thanks Simone!, How are you? I have some news for you and I’d really like your advice.’

  ‘I’m thriving well Jill, I’m still the chief exec. at ‘Mine Be,’ among my other interests. How can I help? Let’s have coffee together now. I’d love a latte with a piece of cream cake.’

   They were soon seated together in a nearby bistro and a cheerful waitress brought their drinks to the table.

  ‘Simone, I have been offered an interesting proposition by Richard Donleavy as a high power PA, with interests as a partner in several of his offshoot companies.’

   ‘Hold on Jill. Do you mean the Richard Donleavy, who features in the financial pages so frequently? However, did you come to meet him?’

   ‘It’s a long story Simone. Do you think I should take the bull by the horns and accept this offer? I’ve done some intensive checking and exploration and his financial standing is incredibly sound.’

  ‘From what you’ve said Jill, I would jump at the chance, it almost sounds too good to be true. I’m sure you’ve done your homework and taken independent advice.’

   ‘Yes I’ve spoken to David Jennings my solicitor and he’s promised to check the contract wording for me. He specialises in corporate law.’

   ‘Go for it Jill! You know where I am in the unlikely event you will need my advice or support. 

   ‘Of course!  Thanks Simone; That’s just so reassuring, I’m aware that  ‘Mine Be’s‘ a government set-up that works in tandem with the revenue department. I’m meeting Richard tomorrow and I intend to give him my answer.’

    Jill and Richard met in his city office  the next day where Jill tentatively accepted his offer, subject to signing the contracts.

  Richard invited her to lunch where they raised two glasses in a toast to celebrate their new business relationship. Richard chose a glass of Spicy Pumpkin Tonic. Jill was surprised when he said,

    ‘I took your advice and stopped alleviating the ache from my morning burpee accident, with alcohol and turned to a course of hypnosis. What will you have?’

    ‘I’ll  have the same.’ said Jill; laughing out loud.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Inspiration Monday ~ inmonsterbadge1



by John Yeo

The optical vision was impaired during the night, and could not be resurrected, using known scientific procedures. Peter the glorious inventor, unveiled his master-piece. Moonglasses.

The operation to remove the two cysts on the patients eyes was a rip-roaring success.

“Except he still suffers from night-blindness!” The exasperated surgeon shouted.
“We all suffer from night-blindness, don’t we?” Enquired an unidentified voice from the the masked fraternity of operating theatre staff.

The surgeon stood up to address the team. Pomposity personified.

“The quality of light at night, is such that ones vision can be affected by the shadows and shading of the clouds that drift across the moon. Two cysts were removed during a night-time operation performed under very bright floodlights, using digital, precision-driven, optical, surgical instruments. Lenses were inserted into the eyes over the eyeballs, but the patient still suffered from night-blindness. His vision was still dark at night.”

Peter the glorious inventor, raised a glass of moonshine that he used to toast the success of an extraordinary new product. As he raised his glass to finish the final drops at the bottom, the rays of the moon shone through the bottom of the glass and the last dregs of moonshine. Then to his astonishment his vision was clarified enormously.
Peter based his extraordinary pair of Moonglasses on a pattern of the rays emanating from the drops of moonshine in the bottom of the glass.
The press were invited to the unveiling of the astonishing glasses. Then there was an overwhelming horror, as it was revealed that although the inventors eyesight had improved, the patient still suffered from night-blindness.
Both the surgeon and the inventor were seeing double, after the infliction of an over-indulgence in moonshine. The Moonglasses were consigned to the portals of the dustbins of failed attempts to turn night into day.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Image Copyright (c) John and Margaret